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Lucy Recommends: A Month of Sundays
It’s a movie about human relationships, Frank cannot connect with anyone after his mom has passed. Then, he gets a call from Sarah who was trying to reach her son but wrongly dial the numbers and gets Frank. Sarah and Frank became friends, and things get back in place. It’s a nice movie to watch. […]
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Natalie Recommends: Little Sister
Little Sister follows the story of Colleen, goth girl turned nun, as she reunites with her estranged family in Asheville, NC. Set during the 2008 Obama/Biden presidential campaign, this quirky dark comedy examines family dysfunction, trauma and politics. This film manages to be relatively fun and lighthearted despite the serious subject matter. Watch now on […]
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Theo James - Jim Sheridan
Anya Recommends: The Secret Scripture
A woman keeps a diary about her life after being committed to a mental hospital. A diary she’s been keeping secretly written alongside the scripture in her bible. It details her life as a young woman in a small village in Ireland during WWII. The diary delves deep into her past revealing the lively young […]
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Samantha Recommends: Equals
“Equals” is a romance, sci-fi, fantasy film directed by Drake Doremus and starring Nicholas Hoult as Silas and Kristin Stewart as Nia. In this Romeo & Juliet dystopian, society referred to as ‘the collective’ acts and functions under the guise of a Utopian society where crime and most diseases including the flu and cancer have […]
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Teresa Recommends: Dark River
This atmospheric and tense pastoral is an examination of trauma after the fact. Beautifully shot, the scenery in this movie is haunting and visceral. Upon the death of her father Alice returns home to take up the mantle of running the family farm, her brother however is not happy to see her after the 15 […]
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Lucy Recommends: The King’s Choice
It is a movie based on a true story about three important days in 1940, where Germany presents the King of Norway an ultimatum: Surrender or die. The German envoy to Norway tries to negotiate with the King for a peace treaty, while Nazi troops are invading Norway. The King has to make the final […]
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Teresa Recommends: Hearts Beat Loud
Fatherhood is a woefully under explored concept in media, child rearing and nurturing often being firmly set in the realm of motherhood. Hearts Beat Loud is a heartwarming and sincere story about a relationship between a father and his daughter, which explores what it means to cultivate a warm and genuine dynamic that is all […]
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Samantha Recommends: Paradise Hills
In a society where sexism and classism run rampant, women’s flaws which make them unfit for society and their husbands, can all be corrected with a simple trip to Paradise Hills. Set as an elite relaxation centre, Paradise Hills subjects the girls to etiquette classes, vocal classes, beauty treatments, restricted diets, and unusual behaviour modification […]
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Vivian Recommends: Kedi
An incredible story about cats, their diverse personalities and our relationships with them. Set in Istanbul and with beautiful cinematopgraphy I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a soft spot for our small furry companions. And don’t worry, its entirely feel good and up lifting. Watch now on Kanopy!
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