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Learn more about Emma

Hi I’m Emma and my specialty is Young Adult books! I love collecting special editions of books and talking about new exciting releases. YA Fantasy is my favorite genre to read but I love all books within the YA category. 

Other interests: Romance, Sci-Fi & Historical Fiction.

Learn more about Kate

Who doesn’t love being chilled to the bone while snuggled up in a blanket, safe and secure… or are you? If it goes bump in the night, I’ve probably read it or watched it! I have nothing against an easy jump scare in film, but I appreciate reading a horror novel with a creeping sense of dread and unease that only a skilled author can achieve. If it’s an audiobook with a great narrator, even better! Gothic horror and supernatural horror are my preferred sub-genres. My favourite classic horror novel – the book that started it all – is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and my current go-to authors are Grady Hendrix, Catriona Ward, and Alma Katsu. 

Other interests: Horror films and TV, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Magical Realism


Picture Books & YA Fantasy

Learn more about Sarah

I grew up wanting to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and now I work at a library, which is pretty much the same thing. As a children’s programmer and illustration lover, I find myself constantly perusing our picture book collection for all kinds of fun adventures and read-alouds. When I’m not reading to children I usually have my nose buried in a fantasy novel or am wandering around used bookstores.

Other interests: Fantasy, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, and Romance


Romance & Popular in the media

Learn more about Shannon

I have had a lifelong love of reading! One thing that has never changed since I was a little girl is my hope for a happy ending! Although I will read just about anything (with the exception of horror and westerns-no thanks) my very favourite genre is romance. And BTW the book is always better than the movie and anyone can read YA!

Other interests: Spending time with family and friends too, playing with my two fur babies and I must confess I do love to shop!


Graphic Novels, Manga & Comic Books

Learn more about Tania

I spent my formative young adult years working (mostly hanging out) in a comic book store. I’m drawn to the strange and unusual, love to debate Marvel vs. DC, and think books are generally better with pictures. This has become especially true as I’ve aged and developed a penchant for gardening and native plants, and want to looks at photos of plants.

Other interests: Gardening, Cooking, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Learn more about Teresa

Growing up I spent many afternoons in the library, browsing the shelves and taking home as many books as my hands could carry! Most of these books were set in worlds far away from our own, filled with magic and intrepid heroes running off on one quest or another. Full of world-building, magic systems and intrigue, fantasy has always captured my imagination and heart, and it continues to be my first stop when looking for something new to read.

Learn more about Lucy

I always had my nose in a book, because I love books and all the knowledge that comes with them. I enjoy reading historical fiction, especially those based on true stories because there is so much to learn from the stories told in the books. I believe that adversity teaches you resiliency, and the resiliency some characters have in the story told is what I really enjoy from the Historical Fiction books.

Other interests: I like memoirs, mystery/suspense and thrillers, especially psychological thrillers that will keep you guessing all the time until the end of the book. I enjoy non-fiction books, and my interests in this area varies from Psychology, Mental Health, and to pretty much anything that calls my attention. I love cooking, and baking, and I only enjoy cooking books with pictures!


Junior Fiction & Adult Fantasy

Learn more about Laura

 As a programmer I read hundreds of books a year, children’s books that is! These days there are so many wonderful stories to help practice valuable early literacy skills with your children. If you’re looking for something fun and engaging to get your little one interested in reading, I would love to help!

Other interests: Young Adult Fantasy, Adult Fantasy

Learn more about Ashley

I have always loved an exciting adventure and what better way to travel than having your nose in a book. There is nothing better to me than escaping into a fantasy world full of villains, swords, magic and romance; also known as Romantasy. Romantasy is a hybrid between fantasy and romance. If there’s strong world building, a tough female lead, and a morally grey male character, I am hooked. My favourite way to read is cuddled up on my couch with an ebook, and my always read authors are Gena Showalter and Sarah J. Maas!

Other interests: YA, Paranormal & Dark romance.

Learn more about Marianna

My life is always busy and exciting! I enjoy extreme sports and activities, such as skydiving, kitesurfing, biking, snowboarding, that provide a sense of excitement, challenge and the opportunity to push my limits. My natural inclination towards the thrill of adventure often extends to other areas of my life including reading! While it may not involve physical exertion, the psychological anticipation of what will happen next, the twists and turns in the plot, and the intense moments of danger and suspense allow me to immerse myself in different, thrilling scenarios. Thrillers can provide insights into human psychology, morality, and ethical dilemmas, allowing me to contemplate my own values and beliefs.  

I also enjoy reading empowering self-help books that encourage me to take ownership of my life, make proactive choices, improve relationships, and embrace personal responsibility. These books provide strategies, motivation and practical advice on various aspects of life. I enjoying challenging myself, learning from others and building character. 

In the midst of renos, homeschooling, children and church, I usually have one fiction and one non-fiction on the go!  

Please feel free to ask me anything, I’d love to help and choose books for you that align with your specific needs, preferences or goals! 

Also, I speak Russian! Я говорю по-русски! 

Other Interests: Memoirs, Wellness, Historical Fiction


Manga and Classical Literature 

Coming Soon! Alannah’s great reads.

Learn more about Alannah

Reading has always been an escape, allowing me to embrace the imagination of the author I entrust myself to. Picking up my first set of Manga volumes as a young child led me down an extensive and well-read tunnel towards the hundreds of stories that have been drawn to life—an easily digestible format that I love to this day.

I find Manga around me in the virtual world and along the physical bookshelves. My interests intersect with the classical genre where I’ve found a love of stories told years before I existed. Something about the way the words flow, the structure, the descriptions and characterizations draw me in. From poetic greats to novels about romance in gothic countryside’s, I tend to dabble wherever piques my mind. I typically prefer romance, fantasy and horror genres. Comedic relief is appreciated too. 

Other interests: sewing, watching shows or movies and playing video games


2SLGBTQIA+ Fiction & Adult Fantasy

Check out Sarah’s great reads.

Learn more about Sarah

I’ve always had a knack for leaving the library with a towering stack of books, and, if the pile teetering on my nightstand is anything to go by, nothing much has changed! My “To Be Read” (TBR) pile is the size of a small city and is ever expanding; especially if I find out something is Regency inspired—even better if it has swords or a great audiobook narrator! I adore anything that explores the challenges of identity, a swoony romance, moving friendships, or just fun villains and morally gray characters. My current go-to authors are Douglas Stuart, Travis Baldree, and Alice Oseman. 

Other Interests: Horror, Romance, and Nonfiction

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