Month: September 2020

Mindful Gardening visits…Pollinator Gardens Video


Mindful Gardening visits Pollinator Gardens, a family-owned rural property just outside of Bradford, Ontario. It’s a gardener’s dreamscape: large vegetable gardens, roaming chickens, a greenhouse, and many native and non-native flowers and trees that support different species of pollinators including butterflies. In addition to touring the property, I speak with owner Maria DaCosta about how… Continue Reading Mindful Gardening visits…Pollinator Gardens Video

Sing Along: Autumn Leaves with Amy

Sing Along: Autumn Leaves

Rewriting the words to a favourite song not only makes a memorable new sing along, but it also introduces new vocabulary! This new version of London Bridges Falling Down is perfect as the leaves change colour and the wind starts to blow! How else could you change the words?

Telling Tales Festival

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Connect with your favourite stories in new ways, learn from the best children’s authors, and ignite your imagination with the Telling Tales Festival! Check out their book lists, activity lists, and great videos from some fantastic Canadian talent. Find it all here:

Rhyme Time: One Bright Scarf with Sarah

Rhyme Time: One Bright Scarf

Play is one of the best ways for children to learn language and literacy skills as they put thoughts into words and talk about what they’re doing! Let’s play together with this rhyme! All you’ll need is of course your little one and a bright coloured scarf!