Month: December 2020

Sing Along: Jingle Bells

Person with jingle bells

Grab your favourite musical instrument (it doesn’t have to be a bells!) and get ready for a jingling sing along! Instruments can make adults more comfortable singing and they give kids something fun to do during a song, AND because they are played with a beat, they will also help children hear the different sounds … Read more

Sing Along: I’m A Big Snowman with Sarah

Sing Along: I'm A Big Snowman

Telling stories is a wonderful way to increase children’s vocabulary. As you tell a story or when you sing a song, talk about the things your child hasn’t experienced and explain what happens! If you haven’t had a chance to get outside and build a snowman yet, this song is great to sing with your … Read more

Rhyme Time: Up In The Sky with Amy

Rhyme Time: Up In The Sky

How about a fun game of opposites today? And I don’t mean up becomes down and out becomes in! With baby, we can practice what each of these words mean through rhymes and play.