Sensory Room

Drop-in on Saturday, July 20, 2024 from 10:30am to 12:30pm for an opportunity to see the equipment, explore the space, and to learn more about booking the Sensory Room.

Now accepting bookings starting Friday, July 26.

Sensory Room Use


The sensory space at Innisfil IdeaLAB Library aims to provide a comfortable and inclusive environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities or disabilities to access library resources, engage in activities, and use the space for relaxation or focus.This unique space was created with those with sensory processing needs in mind. 

Its primary goal is to serve those seeking access to equipment for therapeutic reasons; however, Library Staff are not qualified therapists and cannot offer advice or recommend specific equipment or activities. 


The Sensory Room is set up in the Community Room of the Lakeshore Branch as needed. It is not a dedicated Sensory space. 


The Sensory Room is currently available on Fridays and Saturdays. Fill out the form below to inquire about booking it. Time slots may be booked up to two weeks in advance. 

Bookings are for 45 minutes, with a maximum of one booking per day. 

The space may be used by one client at a time, supervised by at least one adult when the client is a child.  Exceptions may be made for family groups on a case by case basis.

Multiple families/groups are not permitted to be in the space at the same time. 


When the client is 17 years of age or younger, or is a dependent adult,  a minimum of one adult/caregiver (must be 18 years of age or older) must supervise the client and stay in the room at all times. 

Library Staff will not provide supervision. The adult/caregiver is responsible for ensuring the equipment is used in a safe manner, and in the way the item is intended to be used to prevent damage. 


There are two options for setting-up the room, please notify Staff at the time of booking. You may use all of the equipment, regardless of which set-up you specify. This just helps us know what you’re trying to get out of your experience. 

  1. Calm Set-Up
    1. Soft lighting
    2. Blackout tent
    3. Light up shapes
    4. Rocking seat
    5. Quiet handheld fidgets
    6. Large floor pillow
    7. Sky projector
  1. Stimulating Set-Up
    1. Spinning seat
    2. Tactile discs for hands and feet
    3. Tumble mat (can also be set up as a tunnel)
    4. “Stepping Stones” and “River” walk for balance (configurable)
    5. Handheld fidgets

For a complete list of Sensory Room items, please view our User Manual.


We welcome feedback and would like to hear about your experience. Please tell Library Staff if you have a suggestion or concern that we can address. Staff may reach out to you after a visit to seek feedback about your experience. 

If you’re interested in booking the Sensory Room, please fill out the form below. Someone will be in touch to set up your booking within 48 business hours.

Now accepting bookings starting Friday, July 25.