movie picks

Natalie Recommends: Little Sister

Little Sister follows the story of Colleen, goth girl turned nun, as she reunites with her estranged family in Asheville, NC. Set during the 2008 Obama/Biden presidential campaign, this quirky dark comedy examines family dysfunction, trauma and politics. This film manages to be relatively fun and lighthearted despite the serious subject matter. Watch now on… Continue Reading Natalie Recommends: Little Sister

Samantha Recommends: Paradise Hills

In a society where sexism and classism run rampant, women’s flaws which make them unfit for society and their husbands, can all be corrected with a simple trip to Paradise Hills. Set as an elite relaxation centre, Paradise Hills subjects the girls to etiquette classes, vocal classes, beauty treatments, restricted diets, and unusual behaviour modification… Continue Reading Samantha Recommends: Paradise Hills

Vivian Recommends: Kedi

An incredible story about cats, their diverse personalities and our relationships with them. Set in Istanbul and with beautiful cinematopgraphy I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a soft spot for our small furry companions. And don’t worry, its entirely feel good and up lifting. Watch now on Kanopy!

Kevin Recommends: Be Kind, Rewind

Looking for something do while at home, how about re-making the endings to some of your favourite movies? That’s what these two movie store clerks have to do after inadvertantly erasing the endings to some classic movies. It is also a great opportunity to teach your kids what movie stores were. Watch now on Kanopy!