Teresa Recommends: Hearts Beat Loud

Fatherhood is a woefully under explored concept in media, child rearing and nurturing often being firmly set in the realm of motherhood. Hearts Beat Loud is a heartwarming and sincere story about a relationship between a father and his daughter, which explores what it means to cultivate a warm and genuine dynamic that is all too often reserved for women and their children. This movie is so refreshing and sweet in the way that it explores family ties, the fears associated with a child leaving the nest, and the evolution of a daughter entering the next chapter of her life. Also the music is SO good. Genuinely catchy songs that I listened to on repeat for weeks, I can’t say enough good things about the music that’s created in this movie other than that I love it! The way Frank and Sam use music as a way to connect is so fun to watch and listen to! How this movie explores a creative relationship within a family and how music impacts their bond is done in such a genuine and heartfelt manner. If you want a real feel-good movie, check this one out on Kanopy, you won’t be disappointed!

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