Month: March 2021

Rhyme Time: Round and Round the Garden with Amy

Person holding teddy bear

Rhyme time is the perfect bonding time with baby. Rhyme time can also be the spark for an imaginative adventure with your preschooler! Words: Round and round the garden,Went the Teddy bear.One step, two stepAnd tickle me under there.

Rhyme Time: Bouncy Bouncy Baby with Amy

Person hugging teddy bear

Did you know… nonsense words have value for early language learners?! These silly words emphasize unique word sounds, which are the foundation of language! Words Bouncy bouncy babyThribbidee-obidee-oopsee-day,Bouncy bouncy baby,this is the way we play.I’m smart, I’m smart, so smart, so smart,Because I knew just how to do itFrom the start.It’s spring, it’s spring,that counts, … Read more

Rhyme Time: Nursery Rhymes with Amy

Nursery rhymes have incredible power! Research has shown that children who have 8 rhymes memorized by 4 years old are stronger readers by the time they are 8 years old. Miss Amy is sharing some of these classic rhymes!

Sing Along: One Little Bug Went Out One Day with Amy

Person hugging teddy bear

What’s your favourite sing along with your baby? Do you remember songs from when you were young? Even if you don’t think you have a great singing voice, your baby loves it, so share songs anytime! Lyrics: (tune: One elephant went out to play)One little bug went out to play,On a spider’s web one day.They … Read more

Rhyme Time: My Thumbs Are Starting To Wiggle with Amy

Person holding teddy bear

Sitting still is hard for anyone, especially a child! This makes active, wiggles songs and rhymes even more important. With babies, wiggle time can be about exploring movement, while preschoolers can practice naming body parts. Let’s wiggle! Words: My thumbs are starting to wiggle My thumbs are starting to wiggle My thumbs are starting to … Read more

Sing Along: Wave and Sing Hello with Amy

Person waving

Songs make transition times easier – like “Tidy up time.” At storytime, we use songs to build routine, for example: by the time this song is over, we’ll be ready for a story! Try it! Lyrics: We wave and sing hello, We wave and sing hello, With our friends at storytime, We wave and sing … Read more