Bean Planting presented by Innisfil Seed Library

Bean Planting presented by Innisfil Seed Library

Easy and fun for all ages, learn how to plant nutritious beans in your garden or container with Innisfil Seed Library‘s Bridget Indelicato. All you need to get growing are planting beans, soil, sunshine, water and your hands!

For more resources about seed growing and saving, and for Innisfil/Cookstown residents to safely borrow seeds online, visit And for more videos, check out their YouTube Channel, Mindful Gardening!

Virtual Science Fair: Sink or Float
The Virtual Science Fair presents… Sink or Float

Welcome to the Virtual Science Fair! This week, we’re trying a simple “Sink or Float” experiment. Aspiring scientists and curious kids can try this experiment at home! Upload a video and share it with Miss Sarah ( to be featured in next week’s virtual Science Fair! Let the Science Fair begin!
More Mini Greenhouses
More Mini Greenhouses

Flowers are blooming all around! Make your own mini greenhouse with Miss Jessica to discover how plants grow from seeds to flowers.

5 Little Piggies
5 Little Piggies with Miss Stephanie

Oink, oink, oink! Some little piggies have been rolling around in the mud and are all dirty! Join Miss Stephanie in singing this song and doing the actions to get the piggies all washed up and clean!

Tinkershop Tutorial: Build a Character in TinkerCAD

Do you miss designing in the hackLAB? Join our Lead Tinkerer, Alan, for an online tutorial about to create a character in TinkerCAD.

Melted Crayon Art
Melted Crayon Symmetry Art

Happy Canada Day! Make some beautiful maple leaf art with melted crayons with Miss Laura!
Sing Along: The More We Get Together
Sing and Sign Along: The More We Get Together with Sarah

We’re dreaming of days when we’ll be together again! Join Miss Sarah to learn the sign language that accompanies this song and then sign and sing along!

Tinker Tuesday: Make a 3 Minute Fish!

Time for a Tiny TinkerCAD Design Challenge! What kind of fish can you make in under 3 minutes? Use TinkerCAD to create your design, and make sure you share your results with us!

Egg Carton Caterpillar
Egg Carton Caterpillars

Summer means butterflies and this simple caterpillar craft is a kid favourite! Grab an egg carton, pipecleaners, and some colouring supplies and get crafty with Miss Amy!

Make a Code Monday: Dodge the Sharks

Get creative and learn to code at home! Join Library programmer, Martin, and follow along with these step by step coding tutorials. Week 13: Dodge the Sharks. Head to and follow along by making your own arcade game!