Storytime with Speaking of Wildlife
Storytime with Rocket The Raccoon

Join Rocket the Raccoon, a Wildlife Ambassador at Speaking of Wildlife, for a special storytime experience! Use password “Innisfil2020.” If you have questions for the Speaking of Wildlife team, add comments on the video or on the post on our Facebook page!

Leaf - Logo
Bean Planting presented by Innisfil Seed Library

Easy and fun for all ages, learn how to plant nutritious beans in your garden or container with Innisfil Seed Library‘s Bridget Indelicato. All you need to get growing are planting beans, soil, sunshine, water and your hands!

For more resources about seed growing and saving, and for Innisfil/Cookstown residents to safely borrow seeds online, visit And for more videos, check out their YouTube Channel, Mindful Gardening!

Person holding toy cheering
Sing Along: Good Morning Train with Sarah

Repetition is very valuable for young children, especially when it comes to name practice, and this song is definitely going to get stuck in your head! Hearing their own name and naming their surroundings is an important part of language development for babies.

Person holding icicles on string
Rainbow Icicles

This is the COOLEST experiment! Icicles form when dripping water starts to freeze, so on a chilly day, throw on your snowsuit, hats, and mitts, and head outside with Miss Laura and learn how you can make some beautiful, (and maybe even colourful!) icicles right in your own backyard!

Person holding aluminum foil sculpture
The Ski Slope Challenge

Grab 2 craft sticks, some tape, and aluminum foil, and find a smooth surface you can use as a ski slope and get ready for a challenge: can you mold a skier out of aluminum foil that can travel the full length of your ski slope? It’s harder than you think! Check it out!

Person holding deck of cards and small toy
Unplugged Coding Games

Who says you need fancy robots or screen time to practice coding? Learn ways to introduce coding and practice techniques like problem solving and debugging using simple toys you have around the house!

Person with jingle bells
Sing Along: Jingle Bells

Grab your favourite musical instrument (it doesn’t have to be a bells!) and get ready for a jingling sing along! Instruments can make adults more comfortable singing and they give kids something fun to do during a song, AND because they are played with a beat, they will also help children hear the different sounds that make up language.

Person holding plate of fake snow
Some Snowy Science

When real snow is just too cold, why not make some pretend snow inside?! Miss Laura is experimenting with some cool mixtures today! Watch and learn what happens when you mix snow with Alka-Seltzer!

Sing Along: I'm A Big Snowman
Sing Along: I’m A Big Snowman with Sarah

Telling stories is a wonderful way to increase children’s vocabulary. As you tell a story or when you sing a song, talk about the things your child hasn’t experienced and explain what happens! If you haven’t had a chance to get outside and build a snowman yet, this song is great to sing with your little one!

Rhyme Time: Up In The Sky
Rhyme Time: Up In The Sky with Amy

How about a fun game of opposites today? And I don’t mean up becomes down and out becomes in! With baby, we can practice what each of these words mean through rhymes and play.

Circuit with LED light and playdough
Squishy Circuits

Did you know you can make circuits with playdough?! With the right ingredients, playdough acts a conductor, meaning that electricity can travel through it! So mix up some salt dough, grab a battery, LED light, and a few alligator clips, and maybe a grown up to help out, and see if you can make some squishy circuits of your own!

Sing and Read Along: We Wave Our Scarves Together
Sing and Read Along: We Wave Our Scarves Together with Sarah

Shared reading is the single best way to help children develop early literacy skills, so read with your child every day and talk about the books you’ve read! Do you have a copy of B is for Bear by Roger Priddy (published by Priddy Books)? If so, read along with Miss Sarah after our sing along today!