Storytime with Speaking of Wildlife
Storytime with Rocket The Raccoon

Join Rocket the Raccoon, a Wildlife Ambassador at Speaking of Wildlife, for a special storytime experience! Use password “Innisfil2020.” If you have questions for the Speaking of Wildlife team, add comments on the video or on the post on our Facebook page!

Seed Library logo
Bean Planting presented by Innisfil Seed Library

Easy and fun for all ages, learn how to plant nutritious beans in your garden or container with Innisfil Seed Library‘s Bridget Indelicato. All you need to get growing are planting beans, soil, sunshine, water and your hands!

For more resources about seed growing and saving, and for Innisfil/Cookstown residents to safely borrow seeds online, visit And for more videos, check out their YouTube Channel, Mindful Gardening!

Sing Along: Frère Jacques
Sing Along: Frère Jacques with Amy

Babies brains are incredible: they can learn multiple languages at once and by the age of just 6 months, can distinguish between different languages! In the first years of life, there is extraordinary potential for learning, so don’t hesitate to share songs and stories in any language you know!

Coding with LEGO
Coding with LEGO

Did you know that you can use regular LEGO to practice coding? Check out this coded maze challenge from Research Parent!

Once you understand the basics, you can start asking questions like: How can I do this with fewer steps? Can I automate a decision?

Sing Along: Snow Is Falling
Sing Along: Snow is Falling with Sarah

Children learn and practice language through play, so how can you put that into practice? Take familiar songs and add actions or props! Or, get imaginative during playtime and prompt your child to play a new game! Join Sarah for a playful rhyme that’s great for celebrating swirling, snowy days!

Make a Code Monday : Using Python with MakeCode for Micro:bit!

Get creative and learn to code at home! Join Library programmer, Max, and follow along with these step by step coding tutorials. This week we will find out how to use Makecode’s version of Python with the micro:bit! Head to and follow along!

Sing Along: The Elevator Song
Sing Along: The Elevator Song with Amy

You are your child’s favourite playmate and play is how children learn, so for today’s sing along, let’s pretend and play together! Hope in the elevator, it’s time for a ride!

Meet Sphero
Meet Sphero!

Miss Laura is sharing our favourite robotic ball: Sphero! Sphero can be programmed using a tablet to do all kinds of tricks! Race and roll, flash and flip, all while learning how to code! On the Sphero website, there are challenges and lessons that are organized by grade level and by topic! Check it out!

Sing Along: Grand Old Duke Of York
Sing Along: The Grand Old Duke of York with Sarah

Let’s talk vocabulary! When talking to your baby, don’t be afraid to be specific! Duke or king, dog or puppy, marker or crayon – the more language you share with your child, the better their reading skills will be.

Make a Code Monday: Micro:bit Nightlight

Get creative and learn to code at home! Join Library programmer, Martin, and follow along with these step by step coding tutorials. This week we’re experimenting with the micro:bit’s light sensor! Head to and follow along!

Sing Along: Love My Toes
Sing Along: Everybody Knows That I Love My Toes with Amy

Let’s celebrate baby and practice body parts all at the same time! This jazzy tune will have you and baby swaying along.

Slime Time with Laura
Slime Time with Laura

Time for a chemistry lesson with Miss Laura! Today we’re learning about polymers, viscosity, and molecules, all while making: SLIME!  You’ll need glue, baking soda, and contact solution for this experiment, and of course a space where you can get a little bit messy!