Storytime with Speaking of Wildlife
Storytime with Rocket The Raccoon

Join Rocket the Raccoon, a Wildlife Ambassador at Speaking of Wildlife, for a special storytime experience! Use password “Innisfil2020.” If you have questions for the Speaking of Wildlife team, add comments on the video or on the post on our Facebook page!

Bean Planting presented by Innisfil Seed Library

Easy and fun for all ages, learn how to plant nutritious beans in your garden or container with Innisfil Seed Library‘s Bridget Indelicato. All you need to get growing are planting beans, soil, sunshine, water and your hands!

For more resources about seed growing and saving, and for Innisfil/Cookstown residents to safely borrow seeds online, visit And for more videos, check out their YouTube Channel, Mindful Gardening!

Sing Along: Go In And Out The Window
Sing Along: Go In And Out The Window

Grab your baby and get on your feet for an engaging, active sing-a-long! This song encourages movement and face time with baby, and face time is the perfect time for learning!

hackLAB Tips & Tricks: The Cricut Slice & Weld Tool

Learn quick tips & tricks to help you design your next hackLAB project. This week’s topic: The Cricut Slice & Weld Tool

Apple Boats
Apple Boats

Prepare for some fruity fun! Do apples float or sink? You might be able to guess the answer because we’re going to turn this delicious snack into a boat! Join Miss Laura for a fruity and fun STEAM activity!

Rhyme Time: One Bright Scarf
Rhyme Time: One Bright Scarf with Sarah

Play is one of the best ways for children to learn language and literacy skills as they put thoughts into words and talk about what they’re doing! Let’s play together with this rhyme! All you’ll need is of course your little one and a bright coloured scarf!

Make a Code Monday: Make a Simple Platformer Game

Get creative and learn to code at home! Join Library programmer, Max, and follow along with these step by step coding tutorials. This week we will build a simple platformer! Head to and follow along by making your own arcade game!

TinkerSHOWDOWN: TinkerCAD Battle 7

Join Martin and Rachel as they race the clock to build the Lumpy Space Princess, from Adventure Time, using TinkerCAD. Vote for your favourite design using #teamMartin or #teamRachel in the comments below.

Rhyme Time: Hello Friends
Rhyme Time: Hello Friends & Goodbye Friends with Amy

Sign language is a great way to develop language skills, even before a child can speak! This welcome (or farewell!) rhyme has some simple signs that you can practice with your child.

Hello, Friends! (alternatively: Goodbye, Friends!)
Hello, Friends! (alternatively: Goodbye, Friends!)
Hello, Friends, (alternatively: Goodbye, Friends)
It’s time to say “hello!” (alternatively: it’s time to say “goodbye!”)

hackLAB Tips & Tricks: Cricut Contour Tool

Learn quick tips & tricks to help you design your next hackLAB project. This week’s topic: The Cricut Contour Tool

Shadow Art
Shadow Art

Play with light and shadow as you make a work of art with your toys in the sunshine!

Materials Need:
Writing Utensils
Sunshine (or another light source)

Rhyme Time: Hickety Pickety
Rhyme Time: Hickety Pickety with Sarah

From a young age it is beneficial for a child to hear their name and a song like this one helps children develop a sense of self, and, when shared in a group, learn to associate different names with others!

Hickety pickety bumblebee,
Won’t you say your name for me,
“_________” (parent says name)
“_________” (group echoes name)
Hello, Hello, Hello!