Language Learning

Looking to learn a new language? We have a variety of language-learning programs for both children and adults.

Portrait of a young woman wearing headphones, holding a notebook and looking up at a foreign greeting, covering half of her face. Gray background. The concept of learning foreign languages.

Little Pim: Powered by Mango Languages, provides language learning lessons to young children using an immersive technique. Children can watch videos of Pim the Panda as he teaches them essential vocabulary and phrases, making learning fun and enjoyable. Each section contains several videos that fall within a specific topic, with practice cards to reinforce topics covered.

Mango Languages: Mango provides lessons for language learning in over 70 different languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and more, including courses for English language learners. The lessons are arranged so that learners can move at their own pace with each lesson having goals and concepts that build on those that came before it.

Transparent Language: Learn a new language with courses and supplemental resources available in 110+ languages, including 11 Indigenous Languages spoken in Canada. Tip Sheet