Social Services

The services and resources listed below are available for residents in our region. Don’t forget to visit 211 to find more resources!


Ontario Works – Delivered by the County of Simcoe

  • Financial and employment assistance
  • Financial assistance includes:
    • Support for those caring for a minor child to whom they are not related
    • Vision, dental, and other benefits
  • Immediate financial assistance is available for those with immediate needs


Affordable Housing Support – Delivered by the County of Simcoe

  • Rent supplement or housing allowance
  • Funds to help with home repairs
  • Funds to aid in constructing a second suite in order to create more affordable housing in the County

Housing Retention Program – Delivered by the County of Simcoe

  • Financial support for those at risk of losing their housing or electricity because they are in arears

Emergency Shelters in Simcoe County

  • Short-term overnight shelter for those who are homeless

Domicialiary Care Assistance – Delivered by the County of Simcoe

  • Residential care housing for low income, vulnerable seniors and those with special needs

Salvation Army – Barrie Bayside Mission Centre

  • Shelter for adult men (21+), including services such as food, laundry, showers, and computers.
  • Collaborates with Barrie Housing Support Services to help find more stable housing.

Blue Door Shelters

  • Three separate shelters for families, males (27+), and male youth (under 27) in Newmarket.
  • Assists with searching for housing and connecting with landlords.
  • Provides counselling and case management.

Youth Haven

  • Emergency shelter for youth ages 16-24, as well as transitional housing.
  • Option to speak to a youth worker if needed.
  • Provides necessary items such as clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
  • Provides drop-in health care clinic once per week for homeless youth.

Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie

  • Shelter for women and their children, with each family receiving their own room to sleep in, as well as shared spaces.
  • Collaborates with the Safe Pet Program for those who want to take their pets with them.
  • Also offers transitional housing, legal assistance, support groups, and a crisis telephone line.
  • Good resource for women planning to leave abusive situations.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Simcoe County – Joyce Kope House

  • Shelter for women coming from legal system, mental health system, homelessness, etc.

Belinda’s Place

  • Emergency shelter, transitional housing, drop-in services, and aftercare for women, located in Newmarket.


Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre – Residential Withdrawal Management

  • Detox centre for those 16+ to safely withdrawal from substances.

Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres

  • Methadone and Suboxone treatment for those experiencing opioid addiction.

Connex Ontario – Online Searching Database

  • Allows you to search for addiction treatment in Ontario by type of service, location, targeted population, and targeted gender.


Canadian Mental Health Association – York and South Simcoe

  • Provides a variety of mental health services to youth and adults in-person and over the phone.
    • Assertive Community Treatment Teams provide comprehensive and community-based support.
    • Bounce Back provides support for depression/anxiety over the phone by working through exercises meant to address specific issues.
    • Mental Health and Justice program supports those with mental illness in the criminal justice system.
    • Many other programs.

CMHA York and South Simcoe-Youth Services

  • Choices Program: 10-week program for teens to encourage positive decision-making.
  • MOBYSS: Mobile walk-in clinic so youth can access care in different areas of the community; includes nursing assessments, counselling, pregnancy/STI testing, etc.
  • Youth Wellness Program: Provides individual and groups counselling, as well as psychoeducational groups for youth.



  • Provides assistance and training for career changes, returning to work, working with a disability, and searching for a job in general.

CONTACT Community Services

  • Assists with job training and searching.


Early ON Child and Family Centres

  • Drop-in centres for play/social engagement
  • Registered programs for specific age groups with activities designed to engage and encourage learning and encourage development of motor skills
  • A variety of parenting programs including nutrition, raising resilient children, discipline…
  • Developmental assessment and referral to appropriate services

Childcare Fee Subsidy – delivered by the County of Simcoe

  • Financial support for childcare for low income families

New Path Youth and Family Services

  • Provides a variety of mental health services to youth: walk-in clinics, group counselling, outreach for teens, etc. They also work alongside schools to provide services.

Kinark Child and Family Services

  • Provides community-based individual, group, and family counselling
  • Works with Ontario Autism Program to provide services for youth with autism
  • Works with youth experiencing mental health issues in the criminal justice system
  • Provides childcare services

RVH  Children Development Services

  • Locations in: Bradford West Gwillimbury, Barrie, Alliston and more
  • Support and programs for children who may be experiencing issues that will effect their development:
    • Preschool speech and language
    • Occupational therapy
    • Infant hearing
    • Blind low vision
    • Feeding clinic
    • Neonatal follow up clinic

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

  • Programs for children and teens who have experience the loss of a loved one or who have a loved one with a terminal illness
  • Programs for parents who have lost a child
  • Programs for parents who have lost spouse/life partner and are raising a child under 18