Art Around the Town

Visit all your library branches and Town Hall to explore the works of local artists. See some of our past exhibitions.

Scenes from the Owl Pen by Lucille Oille

Courtesy of the Maclaren Art Centre.

Black and Canadian: Stories of Service by BAND Gallery x UPlift Black

Exhibition courtesy of BAND Gallery x UPlift Black. Learn more by visiting the online exhibition.

BIG Prints – PRNT Collective Various Artists

These enormous wood blocks and the prints were made for Makerfest 2021 and were a part of the Steamroller Printmaking exhibition. Watch the video!
Courtesy of the PRNT Collective.

Prints by Joe Fafard

Courtesy of the Maclaren Art Centre.

Corrie Gancman Art

Visit to view more of Corrie’s work.

Download the International Sculpture Day tour flyer.