Digital MediaLAB

About the MediaLAB

The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library’s MediaLAB is a space where you can create, learn and explore different forms of digital media. It is a shared space where you can produce green screen images or videos. Use Photoshop to update and preserve family photographs, slides. Convert your favorite LP records and VHS tapes into a digital format. The MediaLAB is also equipped with a sound room where you can record music or a podcast.

The MediaLAB provides state of the art equipment and programs that will allow you to bring your digital ideas to life. Whether it is updating your headshot, designing a business card or website, or recording your next album. The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library can support you and projects.

You must be an Innisfil ideaLAB & Library member to gain access to this space.

Stations, Equipment & Software

The MediaLAB is equipped with three Mac computer stations. Each Station in the MediaLAB has been appropriately named after a historical individual who excelled within their field of the arts. Each Station within the media has its own designated purpose to reflect those historical individuals.  

  • Aretha for Sound recording and Music
  • Picasso for Graphic Art & Design
  • Spielberg for Film and Cinema

Aretha: Audio Recording & Sound Production

Are you an emerging musician or vocal singer? Want to create your own podcast? Would you like to learn how to record your work and upload it to YouTube and iTunes? This can all be done at the Arthea Audio Studio. Aretha is located in its own room within the MediaLAB for semi-soundproof recording. It is equipped with an audio recording mic, mixer, headphones, and instruments.


  • Mixing board
  • Microphone
  • Synthesizer
  • Electric Keyboard
  • Electric Drums
  • Guitar and amp.



GarageBand is a digital audio and music program that can record and playback multiple tracks of audio. You can enhance your audio tracks with a variety of effects and filters. With a library of sounds and beats, you can create your own music without touching an instrument. A great program for the first time user! Also compatible with iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

Who was Aretha?

Aretha Louise Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018) was a female singer, songwriter, actress, pianist, and civil rights activist.

Picasso: Graphic design, photo-editing, and digital restoration/preservation

Picasso is where you can find programs to touch up or restore your family photographs and slides. Or create special visual effects using Photoshop. You can also create an eye capturing business portfolio by using InDesign. Or make your own custom logo using the program Illustrator. Do you need to update your headshot for your next business presentation? Come and learn how to use the MediaLAB’s Green screen and camera equipment to give your image a professional look.


Epson Perfection V600 Photo:

The Epson Perfection V600 Photo delivers outstanding quality scans from photos, film, slides, and everyday documents. With 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution, this high-performance scanner ensures precision film scanning for sharp, vivid reproductions up to 17″ x 22.”

The Epson scanner can digitize the following formats:

  • Photographs
  • Slides
  • 35mm and 120 Film Scanning ( Can not digitize entire film reels) 
  • Scanning Photo Negatives


All Adobe Suite programs:
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
Other Software:
  • EPSONScan
  • PhotoKey – Green Screen Photography with PhotoKey is one of the quickest and simplest ways to green screen and great for the first time user.

Who was Picasso?

Pablo Picasso was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century.

Spielberg: Video production & conversions

Video production software can be found on the computer we call Spielberg. Interested in converting your old VHS home movie to a DVD or digital file? Do you want to learn how to create a slideshow using iMovie for an up and coming event? Or learn how to use our video camera equipment and create a few promotional videos for your online business. Dust off your LP records and convert them to a digital MP3 file.


  • VCR with USB Capture Device
  • Record Turntable with USB Capture Device
  • CD/DVD burner drive


  • Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro is a video editing program that offers more features than iMovie.
  • iMovie: Film editing program, great for beginners and creating green screen videos. 
  • Elgato: Video capturing program
  • Toast: CD/DVD burning program
  • Garageband

Who is Spielberg?

Steven Allan Spielberg is a filmmaker who is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era and one of the most popular directors and producers in film history. His films include such classics as E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park and many more.

Lending Kits

Don’t have a camera but are interested in creating a project? The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library MediaLAB has you covered. We offer a variety of media equipment that can be checked out and borrowed from the library. The loan period for the kits is 7 days. The MediaLAB kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers must be eighteen and older to borrow the MediaLAB lending kits. Customers must be in good standing to borrow the MediaLAB equipment. (No fines regarding the MediaLAB and their account do not exceed $25 limit).

Please note that SD cards for the MediaLAB kits are not included.

Camera Lending Kit

  • Canon Rebel T3i camera
  • Canon Battery
  • Battery charger.
  • Travel carrying bag

Video Camera Lending Kit

  • Canon Camcorder
  • Canon Camcorder Battery
  • Shadow Lens
  • Adapter Cord
  • Power Cord
  • Camcorder carrying Bag

Audio Kit A-Boom Mic Kit

  • Shotgun Mic
  • Boom Pole
  • Windshield Muff
  • Shock Mount
  • Long XLR Cable
  • Short XLR Cable
  • Boom Pole Bag

Audio Kit B – WHD Pro Mic Kit

  • Small Shotgun Mic
  • Wireless Lapel Mic & Receiver

Tripods are also available.

Please call ahead to reserve the MediaLAB kit by contacting the Lakeshore branch (705) 431-7410. Or by visiting our Lakeshore branch in person with your library card and requesting a kit at the front desk.