Book Bag Programs

Classroom Book Bags are a free service for all teachers who live or work in Innisfil.  A classroom book bag is a large canvas bag filled with books on a topic of your choice. Items are carefully selected based on the grade level of your students. Note: Whether you live or work in Innisfil, you are entitled to an Innisfil ideaLAB & Library card.


Any subject being covered in class can be requested. Examples might include: the seasons, habitats, famous Canadians, ancient Rome, or urban and rural communities.

Please do not feel limited to subject specific requests as we are happy to accommodate requests for grade specific or reading level based book bags.

Time Limits

Two weeks notice is preferred for each new book bag request, however faster turnaround times are possible to help support inquiry-based learning initiatives. We offer three types of book bags based on turn-around time.

  1. The Classic: Our traditional 1-2 two weeks notice. These bags are carefully curated by staff to ensure the best variety of books on the topic requested. Materials are able to be sourced from all four of the Library’s locations.
  1. Express: A 48-60 hour turnaround to help meet those last minute book needs. These bags will have a more limited selection as they will need to be sourced from a single Library branch.
  1. DIY: Use our premade book lists on popular classroom topics to quickly find great materials for your class. Pop into the Library to pull these materials yourself and simply let staff know the materials are to be checked out on your classroom Library card.
    *Placing holds must be done on personal cards, which do accrue late fines.

Apples and Pumpkins



Books will be checked out to you for a minimum of 3 weeks with the possibility of renewal. Late fines are waived for these materials, however you remain responsible for replacement costs of lost or severely damaged books.

Day care providers are invited to take advantage of our Day Care Book Service. Let us know the age group of your day care, and we will select up to 30 books, stamp them for 3 weeks, and have them packed and ready for you to pick up!. To register please fill in the form below or contact your local branch.