Month: August 2020

Tape Resist Art

Tape Resistant Name Art

Use some masking tape and paint to create a fun masterpiece of your own! Not interested in a mess? Why not tape your design on the canvas, add a few drops of paint, and put the canvas in a plastic bag! Contain the mess and still get a fun design!

Can You Crack The Code?

Library Lockdown Escape Games

Check out the awesome Escape Games created by participants in this summer’s Virtual Library Lockdown: Create & Crack the Code program! You’ll have just 20 minutes to complete each challenge – good luck! Minecraft Island: Creepers, Portals, Puzzles, and more! Will you survive and manage to escape this dangerous Island?  Camping Craziness: Oh No! A … Read more

Tinker Tuesday: Make a 4 Minute Lamp

Time for a TinkerCAD Design Challenge! What kind of lamp can you make in 4 minutes? For a challenge, try to make the most iconic lamp you can find! Use TinkerCAD ( to create your design, and make sure you share your results with us! Would you like to remix this design? Use the following … Read more