Month: January 2021

Rhyme Time: Willoughby Walliby Wee with Amy

Person with elephant on shoulder

Your child’s name is one of the most important words to them, so let’s incorporate their name in a song! This silly tune encourages you to listen to the different sounds in a word. Can you guess who’s name is coming up next?

Sing Along: Good Morning Train with Sarah

Person holding toy cheering

Repetition is very valuable for young children, especially when it comes to name practice, and this song is definitely going to get stuck in your head! Hearing their own name and naming their surroundings is an important part of language development for babies.

The Ski Slope Challenge

Person holding aluminum foil sculpture

Grab 2 craft sticks, some tape, and aluminum foil, and find a smooth surface you can use as a ski slope and get ready for a challenge: can you mold a skier out of aluminum foil that can travel the full length of your ski slope? It’s harder than you think! Check it out!