Stop Motion Studio
Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is a fun and easy way to make a movie! Grab some props, design your setting, and take pictures with every move you make! Create your own movies with Stop Motion Studio and check out their website for more project ideas. And don’t forget to tell Miss Amy about your project by emailing her at

Storytime: The Very Impatient Caterpillar
Storytime: The Very Impatient Caterpillar with Laura

Waiting can be hard, but pause here for a few minutes and join Miss Laura as she shares “The Very Impatient Caterpillar” by Ross Burach, published by Scholastic. Learn about metamorphosis and then share your butterfly crafts with us!

Online Read Alouds

Looking for a schedule of all of the read alouds happening online? Check out this link! Find new authors and illustrators to check out every day of the week. Tell Miss Stephanie about the new authors you’ve discovered by emailing her at

Cosmic Kids Yoga
Cosmic Kids Yoga

Practice a healthy habit and have fun doing it! Cosmic Kids Yoga has tons of follow along videos all about yoga and mindfulness. Kids love these videos…and adults do to! Miss Sarah would love to know how you’re moving and grooving every week! Email her at to share the fun you’re having!

Storytime: Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
Storytime: Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present with Wendy

Time for a story with Miss Wendy! Today we’re reading Charlotte Zolotow’s “Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present,” illustrated by Maurise Sendak and published by HarperCollins! Can you help the heroine of our story find the most perfect present and maybe make a delicious present of your own at home?!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts
Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Turn a regular walk into an adventure! Miss Wendy is going on an experiential scavenger hunt – and you can too. Let us know what your favourite activity was!

Click here for more outdoor scavenger hunt ideas!
Storytime: The Book With No Pictures
Storytime: The Book With No Pictures with Marianna

“The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak is an innovative and wildly funny read-aloud! Join Miss Marianna for one of our favourite interactive storytimes. Share with us your pictures for some of the funniest words in the story, like “blork”, “blueberry pizza head”, “robot monkey” and “bluurf”!

Sam’s Recommendation

In a society where sexism and classism run rampant, women’s flaws which make them unfit for society and their husbands, can all be corrected with a simple trip to Paradise Hills.

Set as an elite relaxation centre, Paradise Hills subjects the girls to etiquette classes, vocal classes, beauty treatments, restricted diets, and unusual behaviour modification treatments, all with the promise when they leave Paradise Hills, they’ll be the perfect version of themselves. Soon after their arrival, they see rehabilitated girls leave to go live a perfect life, but seemingly too perfect to be real. Although initially angry, frustrated, and annoyed for being sent away, the girls’ fears intensify when they learn everything is not what it appears to be. The most real thing on the island is the girls’ need to escape Paradise Hills before it consumes them.

The film was nominated for the NEXT Innovator Award at Sundance Film Festival and stars: Emma Roberts, Awkwafina, Danielle MacDonald, Eiza Gonzales, and Milla Jovovich.

About Kanopy
Kanopy is a digital database of movies including educational documentaries, indie films, and fan fiction favourites. Your Innisfil ideaLAB & Library membership gives you access to 15 movies a month! Call us Monday to Friday between 9 to 5 pm at 705-431-7410 to set up your account and get on Kanopy for “thoughtful entertainment”.

Storytime: Press Here With Amy

“Press Here” by Herve Tullet will have you wiggling and giggling for sure! Join Miss Amy for one of our favourite interactive storytimes and share with us your colourful, finger-painted creations!

Window Walks

Miss Laura and her family have been participating in the Window Walk movement! Add new pictures to your window every few days and make sure when you go for a walk, to look and see what’s on everyone else’s windows! Get ideas at: