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Shadow Art
Shadow Art

Play with light and shadow as you make a work of art with your toys in the sunshine!

Materials Need:
Writing Utensils
Sunshine (or another light source)

Big Life Journal
Big Life Journal

Check out the free resources from Big Life Journal! They promote positivity and a growth mindset in children (and give away free printable activities every Friday!). Find out more here!

Tea Bag Rockets
The Virtual Science Fair presents… Tea Bag Rocket

**Adult Assistance Required** For the final week of the Virtual Science Fair we’re getting ready to blast off using… a tea bag? Kids, grab a grown up, and join Miss Sarah as we discover how to create a tea bag rocket! 🚀

An Icecap Experiment
Melting Icecaps Experiment

Did you know that our actions can affect animals that live way far up north in the arctic? Take this experiment outside to learn just how it happens!

Tape Resistant Name Art
Tape Resist Art

Use some masking tape and paint to create a fun masterpiece of your own! Not interested in a mess? Why not tape your design on the canvas, add a few drops of paint, and put the canvas in a plastic bag! Contain the mess and still get a fun design!

Library Lockdown Escape Games
Can You Crack The Code?

Check out the awesome Escape Games created by participants in this summer’s Virtual Library Lockdown: Create & Crack the Code program! You’ll have just 20 minutes to complete each challenge – good luck!

Minecraft Island: Creepers, Portals, Puzzles, and more! Will you survive and manage to escape this dangerous Island? 

Camping Craziness: Oh No! A bear got into your campsite and locked your cooler with your car keys in it! Will you save your keys and escape the bear in time?

Game Over Escape Room: You’ll have to use more logic to escape this room than you would to win a game of chess! Good luck!

Library Lock Up: You’ve been trapped after hours in a spooky Library! Can you solve the clues and make it out in time?  

Shaving Foam Paints
Shaving Foam Painting

We all know what happens when you play with paint, so let’s skip right to the bath and play in there! Grab some shaving cream and food colouring and prepare a washable Picasso right in the tub. It’s all about the process, not the product. Learn more here:

The Listening Walk
The Listening Walk

The world is making music all the time! Talk a walk in nature today and listen to what unique sounds you can hear! Complete the Listening Walk Checklist and listen to The Listening Walk storybook by Paul Shower!

Virtual Science Fair: Tornado In A Bottle
The Virtual Science Fair presents… Tornado In A Bottle

A Tornado is a dangerous and powerful natural phenomenon – a huge, spinning column of wind that touches both the sky and the earth! Join Miss Sarah this week as we create a much safer, mini version of a tornado in a jar.

Recycled Instruments
Recycled Instruments

It’s time to rock out with these recycled instruments! Grab your supplies and make some magical music!