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Person holding paper chain
The Paper Chain Challenge

You’ll only need some paper, scissors, and tape for today’s STEAM challenge! We’re making paper chains and we want to know: how long of a chain can you make with just ONE piece of paper?
Person holding paper helicopter
Paper Helicopters

We’re designing flying machines that’ll make you dizzy with excitement! Grab a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, and a paper clip so you can create your very own paper helicopter with Miss Sarah.

Person holding bowl
Making Moon Craters

Explore space just like the astronauts at the International Space Station! Learn all about craters on the moon with this experiment and check out more space themed activities from the Canadian Space Agency:

Person holding popsicle sticks
Popsicle Stick Geometry

Let’s do some hands on math work! Build 2D shapes with popsicle sticks! Talk vertices and edges, angles, perimeter, symmetry, and more as you build creative shapes. You can even up the challenge by trying to create 3D structures!

Person standing in kitchen
Kitchen Science

It’s time for some chemistry in the kitchen! Discover some experiments with supplies from your cupboards! Grab a big bowl, a mixing spoon, some dish soap, cornstarch, water, and food colouring, and get ready to get a little messy and have a whole lot of fun!

Person holding Bingo card
5 Senses Bingo

Switch on your senses and head outside for a fun game of BINGO! Use your eyes, ears, fingers, nose, and maybe even your tongue to explore the natural world around you.

Create your own BINGO card or download ours:…

Person with kitchen supplies
The Volcano Challenge

Check out these explosive ideas for some epic volcanic eruptions!

Experiments include:

  1. Baking soda and vinegar
  2. Hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and yeast
  3. Mentos and Diet Coke.

Person holding honeycomb shape
All About Bees

Have you heard the buzz about bees? Learn about lifecycles with one of our most precious bugs: Bees! This Learn @ Home Kit, created in the Library’s own hackLAB is a great way to discuss living things, habitats, and life cycles, which are all part of the Science curriculum! For all the details and to order yours, click here:

Person holding analog clock
Math Manipulatives

Manipulatives make math more manageable and the Library’s Math Manipulatives Learn @ Home Kit is filled with tools like fraction circles, ten frames, dice, and more that teachers use all the time in their class! For all the details and to order yours, click here:

Person holding catapult
Simple Machines

Simple Machines make for lots of building fun! Travel back in time and learn how to build a catapult with the Library’s Simple Discover Learn-At-Home Kit made right here in the Library’s own hackLAB! For all the details and to order yours, click here: