Person holding deck of cards and small toy
Unplugged Coding Games

Who says you need fancy robots or screen time to practice coding? Learn ways to introduce coding and practice techniques like problem solving and debugging using simple toys you have around the house!

Person holding cinnamon ornament
Cinnamon Ornaments

Baking is a hands on way to do some science experiments because baking is all about… Chemistry! For the holidays, why not make some beautiful, cinnamon spiced apple sauce ornaments? Check it out!

Paper Airplanes STEAM Challenge
Paper Airplanes

Defy gravity with Miss Laura’s Paper Airplane STEAM challenge: can you design and fold a paper airplane that can both carry cargo and glide more than 3 meters? For design ideas and instructions, check out:

Coding with LEGO
Coding with LEGO

Did you know that you can use regular LEGO to practice coding? Check out this coded maze challenge from Research Parent!

Once you understand the basics, you can start asking questions like: How can I do this with fewer steps? Can I automate a decision?

Meet Sphero
Meet Sphero!

Miss Laura is sharing our favourite robotic ball: Sphero! Sphero can be programmed using a tablet to do all kinds of tricks! Race and roll, flash and flip, all while learning how to code! On the Sphero website, there are challenges and lessons that are organized by grade level and by topic! Check it out!

Slime Time with Laura
Slime Time with Laura

Time for a chemistry lesson with Miss Laura! Today we’re learning about polymers, viscosity, and molecules, all while making: SLIME!  You’ll need glue, baking soda, and contact solution for this experiment, and of course a space where you can get a little bit messy!

Precoding with Patterning
Pre-Coding with Patterning

If you want to understand coding, you first need to understand patterning, so join Miss Laura this week for a precoding, patterning activity! What kind of patterns will you create?


Ever heard of a “Non Newtonian Fluid?” What about OOBLECK? Get messy with Miss Laura today as she mixes cornstarch and water to create some awesome slime. Check out what happens as you move your hand slowly through the mixture. Then, what happens when you move your hand quickly through it?

Library Lockdown Escape Games
Can You Crack The Code?

Check out the awesome Escape Games created by participants in this summer’s Virtual Library Lockdown: Create & Crack the Code program! You’ll have just 20 minutes to complete each challenge – good luck!

Minecraft Island: Creepers, Portals, Puzzles, and more! Will you survive and manage to escape this dangerous Island? 

Camping Craziness: Oh No! A bear got into your campsite and locked your cooler with your car keys in it! Will you save your keys and escape the bear in time?

Game Over Escape Room: You’ll have to use more logic to escape this room than you would to win a game of chess! Good luck!

Library Lock Up: You’ve been trapped after hours in a spooky Library! Can you solve the clues and make it out in time?  

Nature Mandala
Nature Mandala

Here’s a fun activity you can do after a walk in the forest! Join Miss Laura as she shows you how you can use whatever sticks, flowers, bark, or leaves you can find to create a beautiful work of art.