Employment & Volunteering

Who Are We?

We’re dedicated people who care about the community, and we’re so proud of our Library that we made a video about it.

It’s our job to make peoples’ lives better, and we do that by helping them feel connected to their community, supported in achieving their goals, and welcome in their Library.

We love books! Racy bios, sneaky mysteries, guidebooks to wonder, controversial political reviews, and magical worlds. Getting the right book into the right hands just makes our day.

We also love making things. Our hackLABs and mediaLABs let people create fun and useful things, and along the way we teach them some new skills that they’ll find useful in all sorts of ways they haven’t even thought about. We want people to challenge themselves and develop their creativity, and we expect the same of ourselves.

Employment Opportunities

There are no positions currently available at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities

High School Students
Click here to see our ongoing volunteer opportunities for high school students. Students are also welcome to assist with the gardens. When we resume normal services, students who need to fulfill their required community service hours may fill out an application at their local branch. We have a variety of tasks that are assigned to volunteers depending on the needs of each branch.