Bilingual Storytime: Read and Learn with Sarah and Rin


Do you know what day it is? It’s Bilingual Storytime day, with Miss Sarah and Rin! And they’re practicing the days of the week in English and Japanese as we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, published by Philomel Books. And check out a very special version of one of our favourite lullabies … Read more

Sing Along: Grand Old Duke of York with Alex

Children are language sponges, always listening and learning. Nursery rhymes are a great way to introduce children to words that you may not use in regular conversation! Try this favourite in your baby time today! Lyrics: Oh, the grand old Duke of York He had ten thousand men He marched them up to the top … Read more

Sing Along: Can You Ring Along With Me

Instruments are a helpful tool in any sing along and storytime! Tapping, shaking, and ringing to the beat of a song helps children to hear the individual syllables and sounds that make up a word, making it easier for them to learn that word! Try ringing along to the beat of this familiar tune. Lyrics: … Read more

Rhyme Time: Arabella Miller with Alex

How do children learn that words stand for real objects and experiences? Through play! As you do this rhyme today, children practice what we call “symbolic play,” where their finger will become a caterpillar! Can you find a picture of a caterpillar in a story? Now can you find the word on a page? All … Read more

Rhyme Time: Butterfly, Butterfly

Grab some scarves and get ready to play pretend! We’re dancing around like silent butterflies today. Words: Butterflies, butterflies, flapping around. Visiting ​flowers, not making any sounds. Flapping your wings, as you go. Flap your wings up high, then down low. Butterflies, butterflies, flapping around. Visiting flowers, not making any sounds.

Sing Along: Welcome, Welcome with Amy

Person waving

When it’s time to transition between activities, songs and rhymes can help make everything happen more smoothly. Join Miss Amy for a welcome rhyme, something we use before storytimes to get families ready for fun! Lyrics: Welcome, welcome, everyone!Now we’re here let’s have some fun.First we clap our hands like so,Then we bend and touch … Read more

Sing Along: My Big Blue Boat

Do you know the tune “Mary Had A Little Lamb?” Well, today we’re giving the song a remix! Singing old songs in new ways is a great way to support brain development! Let’s hear you singing along! Lyrics: I love to sail in my big blue boatMy big blue boat, my big blue boatI love … Read more

Rhyme Time: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Person waving

Join Miss Alex for a Baby Bookworms classic! Grab your little one and blast off with everyone’s favourite rhyme “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!” Lyrics:Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moonZoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moonIf you want to take a trip,Climb aboard my rocket ship,In 5….4….3….2….1….BLAST OFF! Fun, fun, fun, we’re going to … Read more

Sing Along: Looby Loo with Amy

Person holding bear

Let’s get up and moving with a playful song perfect for a sing-a-long. Whether you’re having one-on-one time with baby or if you’re with a group, Looby Loo is lots of fun, and a great opportunity to practice naming and moving body parts. Lyrics Here we go looby loo.Here we go looby light.Here we go … Read more

Sing Along: Go In And Out The Window

Sing Along: Go In And Out The Window

Grab your baby and get on your feet for an engaging, active sing-a-long! This song encourages movement and face time with baby, and face time is the perfect time for learning! Lyrics: Go in and out the window,Go in and out the window,Go in and out the window,As we have done before Repeat with: Stand … Read more