Person blowing bubbles
Sing Along: Hello Bubbles with Amy

Babies + Bubbles = Best! Bubble play is a great sensory experience for your child, so let’s get excited for some bubbles with this simple song.

Sing Along: Old MacDonald Had A Band
Sing Along: Old MacDonald Had A Band with Sarah

You know Old MacDonald Had A Farm…but did you know about his band? Sing along with this lively take on the classic and use any instruments (or homemade instruments!) you have lying around!

Person tapping head and shoulder
Sing Along: Head and Shoulders with Amy

Why do we read, write, talk, play, and sing with our preschoolers? Because the first 5 years make an impact that lasts a lifetime! Make the most of these first 5 years by sharing your favourite songs! We love Head and Shoulders, so check out a couple versions you can share with your preschooler!

Rhyme Time: Baby Put Your Pants On with Sarah
Rhyme Time: Baby, Put Your Pants On with Sarah

Looking for a rhyme to sing while getting baby ready in the morning? Look no further! Grab your pants, shirts, and socks and rhyme along to make getting dressed a fun bonding time with baby.

Rhyme TIme: Charlie Chaplin
Rhyme Time: Charlie Chaplin with Sarah

This week we are demonstrating a fun floor rhyme for little ones! Charlie Chaplin is a catchy song that helps promote motor development! Get ready to move those dancing feet!

Person holiday toy
Rhyme Time: Tick Tock with Sarah

Every baby loves being rocked back and fourth to this timely rhyme! Grab your little one and join in!

Person holing stick and egg shaker
Sing and Read Along: Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum with Amy

Does your baby try to eat books? That’s normal! Books are baby’s first toy and babies love to put their toys in their mouth. Grab your favourite instrument toys to sing and play along today, and then enjoy “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney (published by Candlewick Press).

Rhyme Time: Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear
Rhyme Time: Fuzzy Wuzzy with Sarah

This lap bounce is a sweet song to sing to your little one! Bounce, fly, and snuggle as you spend some sweet time together. If you have other rhymes you want to see, let Sarah know by emailing her:

Person hugging snowman
Rhyme Time: A Hippopotamus with Amy

Animal sounds are such a fun way to practice early language skills! Eventually, children will hear those same sounds in words, helping them as they learn to read.

Person holding scarf and toy
Sing Along: Itsy Bitsy Snowflake with Sarah

Taking a familiar song and changing the words to relate to a new theme is a great way to develop new vocabulary. The same tune keeps it familiar, but you can focus on something new, such as snow for the winter! Join us for a remixed “itsy bitsy spider!”