Rhyme Time: Slowly, Slowly

Person holding teddy bear

This rhyme is sure to have baby giggling with glee! Use your imaginations to turn your hand into a garden snail and a little mouse and talk about how those creatures move around! Words: Slowly, slowly, very slowlycreeps the garden snail.Slowly, slowly, very slowlyup the garden rail.Quickly, quickly, very quicklyruns the little mouse.Quickly, quickly very … Read more

Sing Along: Roly Poly

Person Waving

Up and down, fast and slow, loud and quiet – what other opposites can you think of? Let’s practice them as we sing along to Roly Poly. Lyrics:Roly poly, roly polyUp, up, upUp, up, upRoly, roly, polyRoly, roly, polyDown, down downDown, down, down… fast and slow… loud and quiet… and so on!

Sing Along: Slippery Fish with Laura

Sing Along: Slippery Fish

Learn the baby signs for some silly sea creatures as you sing along to Slippery Fish with Miss Laura. Lyrics: Slippery fish, slippery fish,swimming through the water.Slippery fish, slippery fish,gulp, gulp, gulp.Oh no! It’s been eaten by a[n]…Octopus!Repeat with: Tuna fish; Great White Shark; Humongous whale (Burp!)

Sing Along: Little Red Wagon with Amy

Person holding teddy bear

Snuggle up with your little one or encourage the older kids to get moving with this fun rhyme song! The Little Red Wagon will have you bumping and swaying along! Lyrics: Bumpin’ up & down in my little red wagon Bumpin’ up & down in my little red wagon Bumpin’ up & down in my … Read more

Rhyme Time: Peek-A-Boo Rhymes with Amy

Person playing peek-a-boo

Peek-a-book is such a fun game to play with baby because babies don’t have Object Permanence (or that when an object can’t be seen, it is still there!). Grab a scarf and join us for some fun ways to play peek-a-boo! Words: Somebody’s Hiding Somebody’s hiding, who could it be? Peek-a-boo, it was you! Somebody’s … Read more

Rhyme Time: Popcorn! with Amy

Person holding scarf

It’s everyone’s favourite scarf rhyme! Grab a scarf or soft toy you have at home to participate! Kids will delight in the POP! at the end of this classic rhyme. Words: Popcorn, popcornPut it in a potShake it, shake itWatch it POP!

Rhyme Time: Hickety Pickety with Amy

Person holding teddy bear waving

From a young age it is beneficial for a child to hear their name and a song like this one helps children develop a sense of self, and, when shared in a group, learn to associate different names with others! Words: Hickety pickety bumblebee, Won’t you say your name for me, “_________” (parent says name) … Read more

Rhyme Time: These Are Baby’s Fingers with Amy

Person Wiggling Fingers

Wiggle those fingers, tickle those toes, and make baby laugh with a big belly raspberry! This rhyme is a great tickle to share with baby! Words: These are baby’s fingers (touch fingers)These are baby’s toes (touch toes)This is baby’s belly button (touchstomach)Round and round it goes! (tickle)

Sing Along: Wake Up Toes with Amy

Sing Along: Wake Up Toes

Repetition is so valuable for developing brains: singing familiar songs and reading the same story over and over helps children to develop their memory skills and listening skills. This short song has plenty of repetition, so sing along! Words: Wake up toes, wake up toes,Wake up toes, and wiggle wiggle wiggle.Wake up toes, wake up … Read more

Sing Along: Five Speckled Frogs with Laura

Five Speckled Frogs

Join Miss Laura and learn some American Sign Language as we sing and sign Five Speckled Frogs! Lyrics: 5 green and speckled frogs Sat on a speckled log Eating the most delicious bugs (yum, yum!) 1 jumped into the pool Where it was nice and cool Now there are 4 green speckled frogs Repeat counting … Read more