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Purple Potatoes
The Potato Diaries: Harvesting Potatoes Video

Follow along with The Potato Diaries, my adventure of growing potatoes from true potato seeds (TPS). In this third installment, learn how to harvest potatoes. Check out the Potato Diaries playlist:…

Growing Garlic Video

Learn how to prepare your soil and plant garlic in fall for harvest the following summer. In planting zone 5a, plant your garlic between mid-October and early November for harvest the following late July.

Mindful Gardening visits…Pollinator Gardens Video

Mindful Gardening visits Pollinator Gardens, a family-owned rural property just outside of Bradford, Ontario. It’s a gardener’s dreamscape: large vegetable gardens, roaming chickens, a greenhouse, and many native and non-native flowers and trees that support different species of pollinators including butterflies. In addition to touring the property, I speak with owner Maria DaCosta about how she supports pollinators and how she is preparing for the months ahead through seed saving and preserving. Pollinator Gardens also sells hand-harvested seeds from vegetable and flower plants grown on the property. Get in touch by visiting… and…, or calling (289) 231-7747.

Facebook Interview: “Seed Saving- What is it and how do I get started?”

Click here to view Bridget Indelicato’s Facebook interview with Rebecca from Simcoe County CAPC CPNP – MotherCare & Next Step. In this interview, Bridget from the Innisfil Seed Library speaks about the benefits of seed saving as well as how to save seeds from popular vegetables and herbs.

Seed Packets
Saving Lettuce Seeds Video

Learn how to save lettuce seeds, including how to identify when your lettuce is ready to set seeds, when they are ready to harvest and how to collect, clean and store them.

Saving Tomato Seeds Video

Learn how to save tomato seeds using the fermentation process. By fermenting your tomato seeds, and other seeds with gelatinous coatings around them, you are ensuring clean, healthy, viable seeds to grow in future seasons. Also get tomato seed drying and storing tips.

Seed packets
Trimming, Cleaning & Storing Garlic Video

Learn how to trim, clean and store your homegrown garlic. Be sure to watch Harvesting, Drying & Curing Garlic ( first to learn these critical steps to prepare your garlic for successful long-term storage.

Harvesting, Drying & Curing Garlic Video

Learn how to tell when your planted garlic is ready to harvest and how to do it. Also learn about how to dry and cure your homegrown garlic for longer storage.