Storytime: I Like Myself! with Laura

Storytime: I Like Myself!
Storytime: I Like Myself! with Laura

I like my hair, my nose, my arms, and my toes! Join Miss Laura for an upbeat, confidence-boosting story all about loving yourself! “I Like Myself!” by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow, and published by Scholastic, is a great read aloud for any age! What do love about yourself?

Tongue Twisters
Try Out Some Tricky Tongue Twisters

Have a look at this list of tricky tongue twisters and see if you can say any of them! Try to create your very own tongue twister and challenge Miss Stephanie by emailing her:

Vivian Recommends: Kedi

An incredible story about cats, their diverse personalities and our relationships with them. Set in Istanbul and with beautiful cinematopgraphy I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a soft spot for our small furry companions. And don’t worry, its entirely feel good and up lifting.

Watch now on Kanopy!

Sing Along: Peek-A-Boo
Sing Along: Peek-A-Boo with Sarah

Babies love peek-a-boo, so grab a scarf and join Miss Sarah for a fun sing-along as we giggle and play!

Tinker Tuesday: Build a 3D Emoji

Time for a Tiny TinkerCAD Design Challenge! How fast can you make a 3D emoji? Use TinkerCAD ( to create your design, and make sure you share your results with us!

Make a Code Monday: Dodge the Aliens

Get creative and learn to code at home! Join Library programmer, Max, and follow along with these step by step coding tutorials. Week 4: Dodge the Aliens. Head to and follow along by making your own arcade game!

Sing Along: Bears
Sing Along: All About Bears with Jessica

Grab your favourite teddy bear and join Miss Jessica for some rhymes and songs!

Tinkershop Tutorial: Photo Engraving with Gimp

Do you miss designing in the hackLAB? Join our hackLAB programmer, Martin, for an online tutorial about how to engrave photos using Gimp and Inkscape!

Weather Waters
Weather Watchers

Become a weather watcher with Miss Jessica for Science Saturday! Share your weather watcher drawings with Miss Jessica by emailing her at Check out Mystery Science for more fun activities like this one!

Storytime: Three Ninja Pigs
Storytime: The Three Ninja Pigs with Marianna

Join Miss Marianna as she shares “The Three Ninja Pigs” written by Corey Rosen Schwartz, illustrated by Dan Santat and published G.P. Putnam’s Sons. When the big bad wolf threatens their village, three pigs sign up for different martial arts lessons to prepare to take him down. Share your wolf-proof house designs with us!