Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library is committed to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Libraries have a responsibility to create an environment and contribute to a culture that respects people’s dignity, ideas and beliefs and in which individuals can participate, maximize their contributions, and achieve their full potential.

Our Library aims to demonstrate support for the dignity of all community members, customers, employees, volunteers, and partners regardless of heritage, ability, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental capabilities, and other characteristics that make individuals unique.   

We believe that respectful dialogue builds understanding and stronger communities. We strive to encourage mutual respect, inclusion, and celebration of differences by embracing cultural humility as a key foundation to our approach. Cultural humility is a practice of self-reflection to understand personal and systemic biases and to develop and maintain respectful processes and relationships based on mutual trust.  

We understand too that the acceptance of differences can place individual and collective values in conflict with one another.  We encourage the community to recognize, respect, and embrace each individual’s diversity.  We believe that by working together we can move from simply acknowledging diversity and inclusion to enabling an environment that is supportive, accessible, and equitable in its practices.

Innisfil ideaLAB & Library will make diversity and inclusion a priority in planning and decision making for staffing, collections, programs, services and organizational change.

Learn more about our commitment by reviewing the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

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