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Brooke's Review
Brooke’s Review
eBook: French Exit Borrow this novel as an eBook on cloudLibrary Odd, cringe-worthy, and definitely funny, Patrick deWitt’s ‘French Exit’ paints a portrait of extreme familial dysfunction with an entertaining cast including an eccentric and scandalous matriarch, her son, who is stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence, and a cat who may be the […]
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Sam's Recommendation
Sam’s Recommendation
Movie: Paradise Hills Watch this movie for free with your library card on Kanopy In a society where sexism and classism run rampant, women’s flaws which make them unfit for society and their husbands, can all be corrected with a simple trip to Paradise Hills. Set as an elite relaxation centre, Paradise Hills subjects the […]
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Teresa's Review
Teresa’s Review
eBook: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Borrow this novel as an eBook on cloudLibrary Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a riotously funny and irreverent memoir about one woman’s experience with mental health and the stigma surrounding her personal journey. Author Jenny Lawson recounts her life story starting with her childhood and going through the […]
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