Science & Technology

Making Moon Craters

Person holding bowl

Explore space just like the astronauts at the International Space Station! Learn all about craters on the moon with this experiment and check out more space themed activities from the…

Kitchen Science

Person standing in kitchen

It’s time for some chemistry in the kitchen! Discover some experiments with supplies from your cupboards! Grab a big bowl, a mixing spoon, some dish soap, cornstarch, water, and food…



Ever heard of a “Non Newtonian Fluid?” What about OOBLECK? Get messy with Miss Laura today as she mixes cornstarch and water to create some awesome slime. Check out what…

Walking Water

Walking Water

Have you ever see walking water?! Grab some food colouring, water, glasses, and paper towels and join Miss Laura as we discover some colourful capillary action! If you want more…

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