Inspiration & Imagination

Get inspired and explore your imagination with these fun activities.

Symmetrical Sketches

Person holding mirror

Let’s make some symmetrical art! What is symmetry? It’s when something is the same on both sides, kind of like a butterfly’s wings! You’ll need a mirror and your favourite…

Paper Helicopters

Person holding paper helicopter

We’re designing flying machines that’ll make you dizzy with excitement! Grab a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, and a paper clip so you can create your very own…

Making Moon Craters

Person holding bowl

Explore space just like the astronauts at the International Space Station! Learn all about craters on the moon with this experiment and check out more space themed activities from the…

Popsicle Stick Geometry

Person holding popsicle sticks

Let’s do some hands on math work! Build 2D shapes with popsicle sticks! Talk vertices and edges, angles, perimeter, symmetry, and more as you build creative shapes. You can even…

Kitchen Science

Person standing in kitchen

It’s time for some chemistry in the kitchen! Discover some experiments with supplies from your cupboards! Grab a big bowl, a mixing spoon, some dish soap, cornstarch, water, and food…

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