Inspiration & Imagination

Get inspired and explore your imagination with these fun activities.

Bubble Snakes

Bubble Snakes

Bubbles are the best and bubble snakes are a fun addition to any bubble play! How do you build the tool to create a bubble snake? It’s simple! Reuse a…

Calm-Down Time!

Calm-Down Time!

This short board book by Elizabeth Verdick explores some simple and easy strategies that children can use to help make themselves feel better when they are overwhelmed.

Aluminum Foil Boats

Aluminum Foil Boat

Float away in a foil boat! This malleable material is perfect for building a brilliantly buoyant boat! But the truly telling test is how much weight this watercraft can withstand….

Sponge Splats!

Sponge Splats

Looking for ways to keep cool on these warm days? Why not make a reusable sponge water ball (aka a Sponge Splat!)? With a few simple materials, you’ll have a…

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