Timothy Laurin

About the Artist

Tim originally graduated from Sheridan College School of Design in 1985 and later earned a Graduate Degree from York University.  He has been practicing as a professional artist for more than thirty years and has been teaching part-time for the last two decades at various colleges and universities around Ontario.  A multi-disciplinary artist, Tim currently focuses on Printmaking and Sculpture.  Recently, he helped found an artist collective in Barrie, Ontario, that fosters the printmaking arts, bringing educational programs to the local community.


Concept Statement

Having grown up during the 1960’s I was influenced by the many kitsch icons of that era.  I chose to represent my association with ice fishing by illustrating various items from my memory, such as Coca-Cola coolers, Ski-doos, and thermoses.  Being a member of the Metis Nation of Ontario, I wanted to incorporate my connection to history and nature by including Shamans, toboggans and sacred fish. My artistic practice focuses on printmaking and I often make large-format woodblock prints.  For this project I wanted to use the woodblock plate as the final object.  I have hand-carved each of the chosen icons from a sheet of Birch plywood.  Instead of printing these blocks I painted the negative spaces and rolled black paint on the upper surfaces in a similar fashion if I were to make prints on paper. When fishing, we often talk about “luck” and “good fortune”.  I wanted this hut to become a talisman for those trying their luck on the ice.