Our Strategic Plan

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Because Disruption Sparks Innovation

Our Strategic Plan is our guiding document. It sets the direction for your Library programs, services and for supporting our community. Download the Document.

We will…

OPEN UP opportunities to strengthen connections & engage with our community.

To realize this goal we must:

  • Enrich existing connections by exploring untapped opportunities for collaboration. 
  • Spark new relationships between organizations and changemakers in our community
  • Empower staff, board and allies to act as ambassadors in all we do.
  • Be the trusted source for community-wide information, reaching people where they are, enticing and engaging users and non-users.

SPEAK UP for diversity and inclusion.

To realize this goal we must:

  • Amplify the voices of those that have been underrepresented.
  • Ensure our spaces are truly barrier free.
  • Celebrate diversity in all that we do.
  • Capture community memory to reflect our diversity and our Indigenous past, present and future.

BUILD UP our reputation as a trusted community asset.

To realize this goal we must:

  • Combat fake news with factual information and stimulate critical inquiry. 
  • Support and encourage the democratic process.
  • Establish our virtual and physical spaces as venues for idea exchange and dialogue.
  • Embrace our role as an open, warm, welcoming space for all.

RAISE UP the Library’s identity as an innovative hub.

To realize this goal we must:

  • Push beyond our comfort zone to meet our community’s ever evolving needs.
  • Forge into the future by continuously integrating new ideas and creative solutions.
  • Challenge staff to embrace novelty and thrive with change.
  • Inspire transformation within our community and our industry.

LIGHT UP pathways to personal and professional growth.

To realize this we must:

  • Ignite curiosity, stimulate the imagination and evoke joy through opportunities to express, create, discover and connect.
  • Instill a love of lifelong learning and discovery. 
  • Champion all forms of literacy.
  • Empower the community with tools, skills, opportunities and human connections.