Older Adults Advisory Committee

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Join our Older Adults Advisory Committee

Are you 55 years or older and passionate about the Library? Join us to help make sure the services and programs we offer for older adults meet the needs of our community!

What is an OAAC?
The Committee is responsible for:
– providing a forum for the exchange of information on the needs of older adults, options and initiatives, and to advise of potential opportunities;
– developing strategies to identify and overcome barriers to Library use for older adults;
– meeting with representatives of older adults from diverse backgrounds to discuss ways that the Library can meet the needs of all older adults.

What are the commitments
Committee members are expected to attend quarterly meetings for a one year term. 

Who is eligible to apply
– You must be 55 years of age or older
– Resident of Innisfil
– Committee make up should include representation from various geographic areas of Innisfil and represent the diversity of the community
– Committee members do NOT have to be library users

Applications close June 30, 2023

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