Natalie Very B.

About the Artist

Natalie Very B. is a Polish-Canadian illustrator, muralist, educator, and business owner. She is currently studying at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (TATI) pursuing her graduate diploma in Art Therapy. She is passionate about making artwork with focus on the therapeutic aspect of creative self-expression. She truly believes that art has the capacity to heal people and change the world on a micro-scale. Having grown up in a country with a strong patriarchal regime and an obvious system of inequality, she strives to educate people about the importance of anti-oppressive practices. Her murals depict modern female empowerment and can be found all across Ontario. She makes art with the goal of changing preconceived notions of feminism and promoting self-love and body neutrality in the world.


Memories on the Lake

Concept Statement

My design aims to inspire people to see the lake from a new Wintery perspective. It invites the residents of Simcoe County to get onto the ice and try something exciting while making a new connection to the lake. The design also highlights the spirit of peace and reunification over the warmth of the fire while being inclusive. It celebrates the diversity of the people on this land while acknowledging the ancestral roots of Indigienous cultures. It celebrates the elements of water and fire and inspires families to get involved and join the community, making memories on the lake.