Love Your Library

Your Library story is powerful.

Members of our community, just like you, are exceptionally proud of what the library has provided to the community. Things like literacy programs for children, help for small businesses, and education for adults who need new skills in the information age.

Your stories help libraries share how library resources, spaces, and safe places support our community.

Your stories are what matters and your support is essential in helping us continuously improve and bring you what you want at YOUR Library!

We tend to judge how desirable a community is by their hospitals, schools and the quality of their libraries.

Studies show that when children both enjoy and excel at reading there is higher uptake of post secondary opportunities which lead to higher standards of living in the communities they reside. Don’t take our word for it… thanks to research including the Urban Libraries Council report on Making Cities Stronger, we know that from improved literacy skills and educational achievement to acting as a catalyst for growth; libraries create economic and social well-being benefits, and have ‘proof’ of what we’ve all known to be true.