LeAndra Alyssa

About the Artist

LeAndra Alyssa is a mixed media artist who specializes in textured acrylic wall art and functional resin pieces. She believes that art should be experienced visually AND physically, which is why she loves incorporating texture and depth into her work. Working with resin has allowed her to satisfy the desire to incorporate art into everyday functional items. She has proudly resided in Big Bay Point, Innisfil for the past 12 years with her husband and young son. She has always been interested in visual art and was encouraged by her father from a very young age to exercise her passion.

The POINT is Sustainable Economic Development

Concept Statement

The concept of the piece is to move through the history of Innisfil (Big Bay Point and heavily wooded forests) and then segue into the future which is The Orbit. Economic Development is a necessary “evil” but Innisfil is doing it right by developing a densely populated city center that prizes green space and limits the amount of land being destroyed. The fallen tree that transitions into a Go Train is symbolic; while one thing must give way to another, it can be done so in balance and harmony with the Earth.