Ice Huts Public Art Project Submission Information

Call for Artists: Ice Hut Public Art Project
The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library is seeking Artists and Multi-artist Teams from diverse communities to
submit proposals for a winter Public Art work(s) to be sited in Innisfil.
Five artists or artist teams will be selected by a citizen Jury based upon the submission of a concept and design proposal.
• Application Open: May 24, 2022
• Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 3:00 pm
• Virtual Artist Information Meeting: June 1, 7:00 pm Registration required.
• Jury Deliberation and Awarding: July 4 – July 8, 2022
• Painting on Site at a Designated Location – August/September
• Installation of Huts – November 2022

All questions related to this competition are to be directed to:
Kathryn Schoutsen
Manager, Engagement & Community Development
705-431-7410 ext. 5222


Artists selected for participation in this project will receive monies to support the cost of supplies (See
Appendix C – Materials and Methods) and as an honorarium for artist skill and talents. See payment
schedule below. The cost of physical supplies (e.g. paint, brushes) will be borne by the artist, from the honorarium. Any costs
incurred by the artist that are beyond the reimbursement schedule stated below will be borne by the artist.
Payment 1: $550 – upon signing Artist Agreement
Payment 2: $800 – upon delivery of completed installation to the site


Eligibility will focus on local artists with lived experience and a diversity of perspectives and abilities that
reflect our growing community, including representation from the BIPOC, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQIA+,
Senior and Youth communities.

Artist Information Meeting

Artists are invited to join us virtually for an information session. ideaLAB & Library staff will be available to
answer questions regarding the adjudication process and submission requirements. This is not a mandatory meeting.
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 1, 7pm
Registration Details: Register online

Detailed Submission Guidelines

1.0 Project Goals
This one-of-a-kind, community inspired public art project will see 5 ice fishing huts transformed by local
artists into attractive, engaging and thought-provoking art displays. The displays will be located in Innisfil Beach Park., this project will be accessible to the community while directly supporting the Town’s Culture Master Plan.
By investing in the health and vibrancy of the community, this project will address issues of social isolation, belonging, mental health, and well-being in a post-pandemic environment.
The Artist is invited to develop a proposal for artwork(s) that will include the following:
• Be unique, original and made by the artist(s)
• Meet the installation deadline
• Have an accompanying artists’ statement that includes how the work addresses the themes of diversity, inclusion, community building or the importance/impact of Lake Simcoe on local residents.

In addition to highlighting our natural heritage, reflecting the experiences of our diverse communities and celebrating local artists, submissions should reflect the following project goals:
• Connect citizens to their community and their shared history through documentation and celebration.
• Raise awareness about important community issues, including equity and social justice, and environmental stewardship.
• Provide professional opportunities for artistic expression.
• Enhance civic engagement & community pride and build social capital within the community.
• Enrich and activate public space during the winter season.
• Promote local tourism, by breaking down social barriers to ice fishing – a family friendly Canadian pastime, and unique aspect of our local economy.
• Create a supportive community-based learning environment to discuss the intrinsic value of Lake Simcoe.

2.0 Site
5 ice huts will be placed at Innisfil Beach Park in the Winter 2022/23.

3.0 Eligibility
• Artists under 18 years of age must have their parent or legal guardian sign all required documents on their behalf.
• Eligibility will focus on local artists from the municipality and wider Simcoe County area.
• Members of the BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Senior and Youth communities, as well as those of diverse abilities, are encouraged to apply.
• Town of Innisfil and Library employees are not eligible to submit proposals to this call.

4.0 Selection Process

The Successful Artist(s) will be selected through a process involving a submission of a Concept and Preliminary Design Proposal adjudicated by a jury of impartial community representatives.
4.0.1 Concept and Preliminary Design
Concept and Preliminary Design Proposal will be adjudicated by the Jury to select 5 proposals. The chosen proposals will be those with the highest scores and those that meet or exceed all passing scores outlined under Selection Criteria.
Structures available for design are no larger than 8′ x 8′.
4.0.2 Submission Requirements
Only online proposals will be accepted via submission form below.
Proposals shall include the following information:
a) Artist information and team member listings (if submitting as a Multi-artist Team).
b) Artist’s Concept Statement: A brief statement (max 1000 words) outlining the following:
i. Artist’s vision for the proposed work,
ii. A description of the concept; and
iii. A description of how the proposed work addresses the project goals and physical context.
c) Conceptual Sketch or Diagram: Include at minimum one sketch or diagram in any medium the Artist is comfortable working in that will most efficiently and effectively illustrate the idea of the proposed work to the Jury. This includes but is not limited to, drawing, collage, photography, etc. Include notation on the sketch indicating the proposed materials.
d) Artist Experience: Outline the relevant experience and qualifications of the Artist or Multi-artist Team. If working as a Team, include the names and addresses of all team members and indicate the team member who will act as the application contact.
Please Note:
• Hard copy submissions will not be accepted for this call.
• Do not send images separately (e.g. via CD, USB or separate files).
• Artists may submit more than one proposal to this call. Each proposal should be submitted separately.
4.0.3 Selection Criteria
Submissions will be scored on a scale out of a maximum 100 points.
a) Competition Goals and Context
The submission shall describe and illustrate a concept and proposed work that is responsive to the project goals, is appropriate for the physical context and for permanent display in an outdoor public place.
Max points 30, Min points to pass 20
b) Artistic Excellence
The concept and proposed work demonstrate quality, originality and excellence.
Max points 30, Min points to pass 15
c) Artistic Experience
The Artist is able to demonstrate and provide examples of experience, through included images and positive references, with respect to public presentation or publication and recognition by other Artists or arts organizations.
Max points 15, Min points to pass 5
d) Technical Expertise
The past work of the Artist(s) or members of the Artist-led Team as established by included images and experience and positive references demonstrate and provide examples of their ability to successfully execute an art project of similar scope.
Max points 20, Min points to pass 10
e) Location
Priority is given to artists who live and/or work in Simcoe County.
Max points 5
The proposed installation must not impede the functionality of the ice hut and any submissions that may impede the ice hut functionality would be ineligible for consideration. After the exhibition, all art work affixed to the huts will become the property of Gail’s Hot Box Ice Huts.
4.0.4 Adjudication Process
Submissions will be reviewed by staff and the independent Jury to determine whether any additional information is required to fully evaluate the technical aspects of the proposal. Artists will be notified via email of questions, or any additional information required.
The independent Jury will conduct the adjudication of the submissions to determine scores based on the Selection Criteria. The Successful Artists will be the Artists with the highest scoring proposal that meets or exceeds all passing scores as outlined under Selection Criteria (section 4.0.3).

5.0 Submission Deadline and Delivery
Ice Huts Public Art Project Submissions accepted online.
Deadline for Submissions:
Submissions will be received up to and including 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) June 21, 2022.

6.0 Schedule (Subject to Change)
Artist Selected: July 2022
Fabrication: August – September 2022
Installation: November 2022 (weather dependent)

7.0 Jury
The Jury is comprised of members of the local community, Artists, and arts professionals.
Library staff is involved as non-voting members and participates in an advisory capacity. The identity of the jurors is kept confidential until the winning proposals are announced.

8.0 General Provisions
8.0.1 Artist Agreement
The Successful Artist will be required to sign an agreement with the Innisfil ideaLAB & Library.
Upon notification of winning the commission, the Successful Artist will have a 5 day time period in which to work with the Library to finalize and sign the agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached within the 5 day time the Town may award the commission to the second highest scoring Artist and allow 5 days for that Artist to finalize and sign the agreement or cancel and reissue the call.
A copy of the sample artist agreement is included as Appendix B of this document.
8.0.2 Copyright
By making a submission to this call, the Artist guarantees that designs submitted are their own original creations and do not infringe upon the copyright of any other individual or group.
In general, copyright of the design will remain with the Artist. Please see Appendix B for full copyright information to be finalized as part of the Artist Agreement.
Materials provided to the Library as part of an Artist’s submission to this call become and remain the property of the Innisfil ideaLAB & Library and may be used to promote this call, Town of Innisfil’s Public Art Program or the Town and Library in general.
8.0.3 Multiple Submissions
An Artist may make multiple submissions to this call. Each submission shall be in a separate online submission and each shall contain all of the information and documentation required under the section entitled Submission Requirements.
8.0.4 Reserved Rights and Privileges of the Library
The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library reserves the right to not award the commission to any Artist(s) and to cancel or re-issue the call at any time.

9.0 Definitions
Artist: The Artist is the principal creator of the proposed Public Art design. The Artist is responsible for the contractual agreement with the Town, communications with the Town and the coordination and payment of any team members required to successfully complete the proposed Public Art work design.
Multi-artist Team: An Multi-artist Team is a group artists assembled to design and create a proposed Public Art work.
Public Art: Public Art is a work of art created by Artists or in collaboration with Artists through a public process and existing in publicly accessible Town of Innisfil Property.
Successful Artist: The Successful Artist is the Artist whose proposal receives the highest score and meets or exceeds all passing scores.
Jury: Jury has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 7.0.
Interactive: Interactive art refers to an experiential work(s) that encourages viewer involvement and/or intellectual engagement.
Functional: Functional Art refers to aesthetic objects that serve utilitarian.

Submission Checklist

Your submission shall include the following information as outlined in detail in the Call for Artists document.
□ A completed Submission Form
□ Description of Approach
□ Artist Biography
□ Artist Experience
□ Visual Documentation: Concept Design Sketch
□ Visual Documentation: Examples of Past Work
Online Submissions Only
Please note that: Late submissions will not be accepted; and Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Submission Form

Submissions are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

PDF version for Call for Artists: Ice Hut Public Art Project is available.