Do I need a library card to use the hackLAB/MediaLAB?

Yes, you need a library card to use the hackLAB and mediaLAB. If you live, work, or own a business/property in Innisfil you are eligible for a Library Card at no charge. 

Non-resident memberships can be purchased at any library branch:

  • 3 Month Membership – $25 per household
  • 6 Month Membership – $35 per household
  • 1 Year Membership – $60 per household per year
How do I learn how to use the equipment in the hackLAB?

If it is your first visit to the hackLAB, we encourage you to sign up for a Tinkershop. Our Tinkershops teach the skills needed to create a design for the hackLAB equipment.

You can also view our Virtual Tutorials and follow along to create a design for the hackLAB.

Remember, the goal is for you to become an empowered and inspired maker. By attending a Tinkershop, and using our resources you can gain the skills necessary to create, not only your current project, but all of the amazing projects you can imagine in the future!

My project needs to be finished today!

We understand that all hackLAB projects are important. However, we can not guarantee that the time or space will be available upon request. We ask that you plan ahead when booking your time for the hackLAB, especially during the holiday seasons, where we see a large increase of use in the space.

What options are available for me right now?

If you would like to get started on something right now, there are some great options:

  • Self Led Independent Learning – We have collected a wide range of video tutorials with accompanying handouts. Do your best to learn the necessary skills with these resources. We are, of course, available to offer support, but we encourage you to work as independently as possible. After, you can book the machine (if available) or you can submit your project to the print queue.
Can you make my project for me?

Unfortunately no, the hackLAB is a cross-functional learning environment. Library users are expected to take ownership of their own projects. Staff are here to assist you with your design work and to help set up the hackLAB equipment.

What is a print ready file?

A print ready file is one that can be printed by the staff without further modification. In practice a print ready file would be:

  • For the laser: A .pdf file with cut lines the correct size (stroke width of 0.001”), all graphics have been traced to be vector images, and all text has been converted to paths. The dimensions of the design are sized to fit within the laser cutter.
  • For the Print & Cut: A .pdf file with high resolution graphics embedded. A design created with proper cut lines (all strokes in the document will cut). All text has been converted to paths. The document is correctly sized.  
  • For the Cricut: File should be completed in the Innisfil library’s Cricut Design Space account. All aspects of the design should be completed, including the size, and layer separation of the design. All Images have been properly imported and edited. Your design has been saved under your name in the Innisfil library’s Cricut Design Space account.

Can I drop off a file to be printed/engraved for me?

For some projects, you can upload your completed project to our Print Queue. We ask that files are completed and are in SVG and PDF format (Please see the ‘What is a ‘print ready’ file? answer for further details). Projects will be completed on a first come, first serve basis. Due to varying demand, we cannot provide a timeline for when your project will be completed. You may submit one project at a time, per person.