Christopher Moore

About the Artist

Christopher received his B.F.A. from NASCAD in 1993. Originally from Toronto, Christopher has lived and worked on his paintings in several provinces over the years. He has been involved with multiple galleries across Canada and has shown his abstract paintings across Canada, the USA and Europe.
Christopher now resides in Innisfil and has his studio in Belle Ewart, Ontario.

Barn Quilt

Concept Statement

As an abstract artist my concept for the ice hut project is to paint the hut Barn Red and add barn quilts to the sides. I believe this concept represents the strong farming community in Innisfil. The roots of the modern day barn quilts can be traced back to 2001. A tobacco farmer wanted to brighten her plain barn in Ohio and after doing so, they spread across the USA and Canada. The barn quilt movement in Ontario has been growing since 2009. Barn quilts can tell stories about individual farms, communities and historical events. They also add visual interest to the countryside and increase rural tourism.