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The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library partners with the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) to further increase our accessible collection and provide accessible materials to patrons with print disabilities and professionals who work with people with print disabilities.

What is CELA?

CELA boasts a growing collection of 1 million items in both English and French for all ages including:

  • Books
    • Braille
    • eText
    • Audio
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

CELA members with proof of disability can also borrow from Bookshare (a US-based accessible online library) which provides over a million titles to choose from.

Community reads

You can also participate in book clubs and other events where communities come together to read. Through your public library and CELA, you can find books for events such as CBC Canada Reads, One Book, the TD Summer Reading Club and other programs for children and youth.

Eligibility – Can I receive accessible materials from CELA?

Anyone living in Canada with a print disability is eligible to access the CELA collection.

Many different conditions can cause a print disability. If printed text is difficult or impossible for you to read, but changing the format makes the text accessible to you, you are eligible for CELA service.

When trying to determine eligibility ask yourself, “could my barrier be removed by presenting the same content in a different format?” If you answered “Yes” then you would be a great candidate for this service.

Print Disabilities

print disability is a learning, physical, or visual disability that prevents a person from reading conventional print.

More specifically, a print disability can be a:

  • Learning disability: An impairment relating to comprehension

Examples: Dyslexia, ADHD, Aphasia

  • Physical disability: The inability to hold or manipulate a book

Examples: Unable to hold a book or turn a page, Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease

  • Visual disability: Severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes

Examples: Astigmatism, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataracts

A print disability, as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act, does not include reading difficulties that result from low literacy levels. Conditions or situations that are not on their own considered a print disability include an intellectual disability, learning English or French as a second language, and disabilities that do not affect reading. However, people in these situations may have a disability that does qualify them to use CELA.

This definition of print disability is from the Canadian Copyright Act because it is this Act that lets CELA reproduce published materials in alternative formats for its collection. The term used in the Act is “perceptual disability”.

Registration – How can I register for CELA services?

To join, you can either register through CNIB, self-register, complete a printable registration form, or contact your CELA service Coordinator, info@innisfilidealab.ca or call 705-431-7410

If you would prefer to speak with a CELA representative, please call 1-855-655-2273 or email help@celalibrary.ca

Having a Designate on Your Account

If you are finding that you need extra support to manage your CELA account or get materials, you can add a designate to your account. A designate can be a family member or friend, but might also be,

  • Helping professional (Personal Support Worker)
  • Vision rehabilitation specialist
  • Staff at public libraries

Adding a Designate:

To add a designate you will need to provide their contact details including their, name, phone number/email, and address.

Already a CELA patron? 

If you would like to add a designate, please call or email the CELA Contact Centre at help@celalibrary.ca or 1-855-655-2273

Not yet a CELA patron? 

You may add a designate at that you register for CELA, by completing the designate section on the application form. You can update your designate at any time through the CELA Contact Centre.

Children 12 and under 

CELA recommends adding a designate to any child’s account who is 12 years old and under.


By adding a designate to your account, you give them permission to:

  • Request materials
  • Review/Revise holds and downloads
  • Access your borrowing history
  • Make account changes (e.g., schedule of delivery, preferences)
  • Make changes to personal information on the account
  • Submit proof of disability on your behalf (only if accessing the Bookshare collection)
Process – What can I expect after I register?

After your account has been created and depending on what format you selected, CELA will send you a welcome message one of four ways:

  • Phone call (from a CELA representative)
  • Email (if you or your designate provided one at time of registration)
  • Direct to Player (download the welcome to your computer or device)
  • CD (to be used with a DAISY player)
Delivery Options – How does the CELA service work?

If you select CDs or Direct to Player formats, CELA will send you two popular books to get you started.

If you select Braille or Printbraille, CELA will reach out to you by phone to set up your service.

Selecting Your Own Books

After you receive your welcome message and starter books it’s time to select materials, you can log in to your CELA account at celalibrary.ca and choose your own books.

CELA offers a variety of ways to search and browse their collection including but not limited to:

Featured Titles – Recommendations

Top 5 Books

Automated Selection Service

If you’re not sure what to read and would prefer that someone picks books for you, CELA offers an automated selection service where titles will automatically be chosen for you based on your preferences. If you’re interested in signing up for the automated selection service please call CELA at 1-855-655-2273.

CDs vs. Direct to Player – How does the CD vs. Direct to Player service work?

If you selected DAISY CDs, CELA will send you your selections on a CD that you can play on an MP3 compatible CD Player or a DAISY player.

If you selected the Direct to Player service you can visit the CELA website and select the various compatible devices and formats and get specific instructions on how to access your selections on the device of your choosing.

If you require assistance setting up your device or would like to borrow a DAISY player to test out the Direct to player formats or the DAISY CD format please contact, CELA service Coordinator, Lucy. Email lrodrigues@innisfilidealab.ca or call 705-431-7410.

Educators – What is the Educational Access Program?

The CELA Educator Access Program offers Canadian K-12 and postsecondary educators who support students with print disabilities access to accessible reading materials.

For more information, please contact your CELA service Coordinator, Lucy. Email lrodrigues@innisfilidealab.ca or call 705-431-7410.

Professionals – What is the Client Access Support Program?

The CELA Client Access Support Program offers professionals assisting or working with individuals with print disabilities access to accessible reading materials.

  • Privately tutored students
  • CNIB clients
  • Staff at senior residences or long-term care facilities
  • Staff at long-term care facilities

For more information, please contact your CELA service Coordinator, Lucy. Email lrodrigues@innisfilidealab.ca or call 705-431-7410.