Catherine Bechard

About the Artist

Catherine Bechard is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in the lakeside hamlet of Alcona in Innisfil, Ontario. Working in painting and drawing, textiles and sculpture, Bechard most often uses the materials that are present and readily available in her immediate surroundings. Bechard has said, “to find a lonely piece of someone’s finer trash on the side of the road, for me is like finding an abandoned puppy and giving it a home, a new life to be valued and treasured. It’s all experimental and unknown territory.”

As a visual artist, Bechard understands the inherent privilege in being able to share these works, and hopes to inspire others to see a second life for the worthy things that are so readily deposited in our landfills.


Winter Colour

Concept Statement

We often find winter gray and dreary but one needs to look a little closer above and below the surface of our landscape to find the vibrant beauty that surrounds us.