Cassidy Morris

About the Artist

As a multidisciplinary artist, I often find myself coming back to what I know and love best – painting. Whether I am painting portraits, landscapes, still lifes or hot peppers, I utilize bright and bold colours in my work with detailed whimsical imagery that transports my viewers into a fun and unique artistic world. I strive for all my pieces of art to be visually striking while they simultaneously delve into different conceptual ideas that I am passionate about. It is important to me that my work allows the viewer to interpret and experience my art in different forms thus enabling the viewer to inject their own personal histories and understandings into each piece that I create. I graduated from The University of Western Ontario with my degree in fine arts in 2019. Currently, I share my love of art by teaching it to children. I also enjoy working in my studio on commissions and projects. Art is not just my profession- it is truly my passion. The process of conceptualizing this ice hut has pushed me to think beyond the edges of my canvas. It challenged me to create a larger than life, panoramic, three dimensional artistic experience that will also be a functional piece of art in the community later in its journey. Sharing my art with others gives me a great sense of pride and joy, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to give you a glimpse into my artistry. I encourage you to visit my website to further explore and enjoy my artistic works.

Fire and Ice

Concept Statement

Inspired by The Innisfil Farmers Market, Fire and Ice depicts locally grown peppers – with the spotlight on hot peppers. Fire and Ice is a celebration of our town’s local farmers and growers. This ice hut is a bold, bright and exciting art experience that is best viewed from all sides; with a focus on its stunning contrast and balance. It depicts our local farmers and growers in a new light and provides you with a fresh perspective, with the goal of enticing our community as a whole to proudly purchase locally grown produce and recognize the important role that agriculture plays in our society. In addition to showing pride for and celebrating of our local growers, Fire and Ice honours the ice hut itself and the practice of ice fishing, making the most of the playful juxtaposition of fire and ice. The fire aspect is visually apparent through the use of “spicy imagery” including depictions of numerous unique hot peppers and fiery flames. The ice aspect is represented by the act of ice fishing itself, the ground that it is painted on (the ice hut) as well as select “icy” imagery. Fire and Ice incorporates the ice hut itself and pays homage to the artistic ground. Through lighthearted and eye catching imagery, this “spicy” piece of art will fully immerse you and highlight the health, economic and environmental benefits of buying locally.