Brainfuse FAQs

What are Brainfuse HelpNow and Brainfuse JobNow?

Brainfuse offers two services: HelpNow for students and learners of all kinds and JobNow, a comprehensive portal for job seekers

HelpNow offers:
Live tutoring from trained tutors between 2pm-11pm
A Writing Lab, where students can submit written assignments and receive detailed feedback within 24 hours
SkillSurfer, which is encourages educational skill building through lessons and quizzes with a live tutor
A Send Question 24 hour Help Center so if it’s outside of the live tutoring hours, students can submit a question and receive a detailed response within 24 hours
Language Lab, where students can receive online language help from Spanish and French tutors
The LEAP Learning Platform, a diagnostic test centre with detailed study plans, lessons, and live tutoring
Study tools, like FlashBulb, where students can create interactive learning games, quizzes, and flashcards to help with their studies
eParachute, a career mapping service through which students can discover their strengths and talents
Collaborative tools, such as Meet, an online tool where students can schedule live group sessions with friends and instructors. Attendees do not have to be Brainfuse users.
Students can also use Brainwave, which allows them to record white board sessions to store solutions to homework problems or projects
For non-students, the Adult Learning Center helps those with some test preparation, including the Canadian Citizenship test, as well as career resources and job seeking assistance.

JobNow offers:
Career Resources that are available all the time, which include helpful resources for job seekers, including personality and career assessments
A Resume Builder portal, which includes templates and resources to create a great resume
The Resume Lab, where you can send your resume for feedback from a job coach within 24 hours
Interview Tips, resources, as well as Live Coaching with a one-on-one session with an experienced job coach

How do you access Brainfuse HelpNow or JobNow?

You need a valid library card. Some features also require the creation of an account. For that, you will need a username, password, and email address.

Who can use Brainfuse HelpNow and JobNow?

Anyone is able to use them! HelpNow helps students from kindergarten to postgraduate studies. Its Adult Learning Centre is for those who are looking for guidance outside of school work.

HelpNow is for job seekers who may want to brush up on interviewing skills or need help navigating how to apply for jobs.

What devices do I need to access Brainfuse’s HelpNow and JobNow?

You need a computer with internet access and an operating system newer than Windows 95 or above Mac OS X. You can also download an app if you’re an Android and iOS user.

*With JobNow, you will have to disable your pop-up blocker when entering the online classroom. While there are no download requirements, it may take a few minutes to enter your first session.

How are the tutors chosen for Brainfuse HelpNow?

The tutors are all trained and certified by Brainfuse. They have been cleared with a thorough background and reference check, all possess at least a four year degree, and have prior teaching/tutoring experience.

What subjects does Brainfuse HelpNow offer tutoring for?

Students can receive help with math, writing, English, and science from grade 3 through university. It also can help with French and Spanish as second languages.

How can I get more help with Brainfuse HelpNow?
How do I access the interview live coaching on Brainfuse JobNow?

You can access this service through ‘Ace the Interview’ on the webpage and choose ‘Get Live Interview Coaching.’ Live coaching will go through a mock interview scenario where you can practice answering common interview questions under a simulated interview in a chat environment.

How Does Resume Lab work?

You upload your resume and/or cover letter and receive feedback within 24 hours of submission. You will have to register for an account to access this feature. All that is required is a username, password, and email address. This information is kept confidential and only used for the purpose of or the Resume Lab.

The types of feedback you will receive on your resume includes improving grammatical and stylistic errors and constructive comments regarding the effectiveness of your resume and cover letter. Feedback will not include specialized substantive areas. For example, if your resume for an engineering position includes detailed technical information, the resume expert will not comment on the accuracy or relevance of this information.

What are the qualifications of the Job Coaches for Brainfuse JobNow?

All coaches and resume experts undergo rigorous selection and training. Applicants must have a four year degree and complete background and reference checks.

How can I get more help with Brainfuse JobNow?