Young Writers Club

Unleash your inner voice while making friends at the brand new Young Writers Club. This is your chance to come together with other kids who love to write, just like you. Get ready to have fun while learning great tricks of the trade, and practicing your craft! The club meets on the last Tuesday of each month.

Ages 8-12


Wednesday July 12, 2017                7pm
Tuesday July 26, 2017                      7pm
Wednesday August 9, 2017             7pm
Tuesday August 29, 2017                 7pm
Wednesday September 13, 2017     7pm
Tuesday September 26, 2017           7pm
Wednesday October 11, 2017          7pm
Tuesday October 24, 2017               7pm
Wednesday November 8, 2017        7pm
Tuesday November 28, 2017           7pm
Wednesday December 13, 2017      7pm