Rhyme Time: Fuzzy Wuzzy with Sarah

Rhyme Time: Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear
Rhyme Time: Fuzzy Wuzzy with Sarah

This lap bounce is a sweet song to sing to your little one! Bounce, fly, and snuggle as you spend some sweet time together. If you have other rhymes you want to see, let Sarah know by emailing her: spoland@innisfilidealab.ca.

Child with Building Shapes
The Building Challenge

What can you make with squares, circles, and pentagons? Just about anything! Discover the wonder of The Building Challenge Learn-At-Home Kit made right here in the Library’s own hackLAB! For all the details and to order yours, click here: https://forms.gle/cj257GT6yJedrrzRA

Person hugging snowman
Rhyme Time: A Hippopotamus with Amy

Animal sounds are such a fun way to practice early language skills! Eventually, children will hear those same sounds in words, helping them as they learn to read.

Person holding scarf and toy
Sing Along: Itsy Bitsy Snowflake with Sarah

Taking a familiar song and changing the words to relate to a new theme is a great way to develop new vocabulary. The same tune keeps it familiar, but you can focus on something new, such as snow for the winter! Join us for a remixed “itsy bitsy spider!”

Community Inspired, Kid Tested: Indoor Family Fitness
Blue Robot

Click the robot to discover the great resource shared by Erin and Trey that will keep you active while at home!

Have an idea you want us to share? Email Miss Amy at aeastwood@innisfilidealab.ca with your suggestions!

Person Wiggling Fingers
Rhyme Time: These Are Baby’s Fingers with Amy

Wiggle those fingers, and tickle those toes, and make baby laugh with a big belly raspberry! This rhyme is a great tickle to share with baby!

Person holding toy
Rhyme Time: Tommy Thumbs with Sarah

Great finger play? Check! Can be used when it’s time to tidy up toys? Double check! This finger play is a great rhyme anytime!

Person with elephant on shoulder
Rhyme Time: Willoughby Walliby Wee with Amy

Your child’s name is one of the most important words to them, so let’s incorporate their name in a song! This silly tune encourages you to listen to the different sounds in a word. Can you guess who’s name is coming up next?

Person holding bucket
Ice Lanterns

Create a beautiful icy lantern, perfect for a cold, dark, winter evening!

Person holding toy cheering
Sing Along: Good Morning Train with Sarah

Repetition is very valuable for young children, especially when it comes to name practice, and this song is definitely going to get stuck in your head! Hearing their own name and naming their surroundings is an important part of language development for babies.