Learn @ Home Kits

The Library is here to support all students: whether you’re learning in-school, online, at home with others, or on your own! We have gathered together a variety of hands-on activities and learning experiences to support or supplement your learning at home activities. Follow the kit instructions to complete your project. Each project will come with all the necessary laser cut, vinyl cut or electronics pieces. Please note, glue, markers and paint are not included.

To order your Learn @ Home Kits, please click here.

Down on the Farm (Preschool to Grade 3) – Use laser cut pieces to assemble your own wooden barn and animals! Plant your own wheat or soybeans and watch them grow. – $10.00

Early Literacy Kit (Preschool – Grade 2) – Use these hands on manipulatives to learn to identify and write letters and words! – $10.00

Let’s Celebrate Pride! (Preschool – Grade 6) – Design your own rainbow tote bag using tissue paper and water! Explore the different types of Pride flags and design your own. – $8.00

All about Snow Kit (Kindergarten – Grade 3) – Learn about snow and create your own custom snow globe! Use the animal footprint guide to track animals in your own backyard. – $8.00

O’ Canada Kit (Kindergarten – Grade 6) – Learn about Canada’s provinces and territories through a laser cut puzzle! – $10.00

Notable Black Canadians (Grade 1 – Grade 6) – Learn about notable Black Canadians and their contributions! Use the matching game to test your knowledge about these remarkable individuals – $10.00

Shapes & Symmetry Kit (Grade 3-8) – Build your own 3D shapes and use a mira to locate lines of symmetry! – $10.00

Simple Machines (Grade 5-8) – Use laser cut pieces to build and test your own catapult! – $10.00