Curbside Pick-Up FAQ

Customers can place holds and pick up books, audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-Rays and magazines at our Cookstown, Lakeshore and Stroud Branches.
Please use the curbside booking form.

How it Works:

Step 1: Request Your Items – Reserve materials through your online BiblioCommons account, or use our Family Book Bag programs or online form to have us select them for you. When they’re ready you’ll receive an email or phone call to book a pick-up time. 

Step 2: Book a Pick-Up Time – You will be e-mailed a link to book an appointment for pick-up at your preferred location. You can arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled time (15 minutes before, or 15 minutes after).

Step 3: No Contact Pick-Up – When you arrive, call 705-431-7410 and choose the location (Lakeshore: 1, Cookstown: 2, Stroud: 3). You will be asked for your library card number. 

Step 4: Wait in your car while Staff place your items in the trunk. If you’re walking, we’ll put them in a plastic bag on the table outside the front door.

1. What are your hours of operation?

Lakeshore Branch:

  • Tue-Thu: 9:30am-7:30pm 
  • Fri: 9:30:00am-4:30pm
  • Sat: 10:00am-4:30pm

Cookstown Branch

  • Tue-Wed: 10:00am-5:30pm
  • Thu: 1:00pm-7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat: 10:00am-4:30pm

Stroud Branch:

  • Tue-Sat: 10:00am-4:30pm
2. Can I pick up materials without an appointment?

Curbside appointments must be booked in advance. The Library is open, so you may come inside during our regular hours to pick up your holds.

3. How long do I have to pick-up my holds?

You are welcome to arrive within a 30 minute window either side of your scheduled time (15 minutes early or 15 minutes late). 

4. Can I have a friend or family member pick-up my hold?

Yes. Please inform us ahead of time if someone else will pick-up your items. They will need to provide your library card number to staff on arrival.

5. What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?

If you are unable to make it for your appointment and do not contact us, the holds on your items will be cancelled and they will be reshelved. If you still want to borrow them, please place new holds or fill out the Request Form again.  

6. I no longer want my items, can I cancel them?

Yes. If you placed holds through your online account, login again and cancel them. 

If you used the Request Form, call us at 705-431-7410 or email 

7. Can I cancel or change my pick up date or time?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email for your scheduled pick-up time. There is a link for cancelling your appointment.  

8. I don’t have a phone, so can’t call when I arrive to pick-up my holds. What do I do?

Let us know ahead of time that you won’t be able to call on arrival. We will put your items out at the exact time your pick-up is scheduled for, with your name on them. We will only leave them out for 5 minutes, and watch as you retrieve them. If you arrive early, please stay at least 2 metres (use the markers on the ground) away from Staff while they bring the items out. 

9. Can you wait until all my holds are ready to notify me?

If you place holds through your online account, you will be notified when each separate item is ready, and unfortunately we can’t change this. You can see the status of each title in the online catalogue (available, checked out). Available items will be ready sooner, while items that are checked out may have a waiting list. When an item is located at a different branch than your pick-up location, it can take longer for it to be shipped between locations.  

If you use the Pick-Up Request form, you will only be notified when all the items in your order are ready. 

10. Can I return materials?

Yes. You can return your items to any of our branches, using the drop box at each location. 

11. I have overdue items, will I get fines?

No! We no longer charge overdue fines on books, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, Blu-Rays and other media. Learn more about why we eliminated overdue fines.

12. I returned something but it’s still on my account?

If the items are still checked out to your account 1 week after your returned them, please call or email us. 

13. Can I get a new library card?

Yes. If your account expired, just call or email and we can renew your account. 

If you need to set up a new account, use our Digital Membership form to get started. Add a note that you would also like to borrow physical materials, and we’ll get in touch to get you set up with full borrowing privileges.   

14. I signed up for a Digital Membership, can I borrow physical materials?

Yes. Email or call so we can confirm that you are eligible for a membership

15. I have donations – Can I drop them off?

No. We are unable to accept donations.